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Seeing One Day Pass on Earth from Space Is Beyond Stunning

This is what one day looks like on Earth from space. The footage condenses 24 hours of imagery from Japan’s Himawari-8 satellite into 12 seconds and shows us how the our beautiful blue marble peels itself from the darkness in unbelievable detail. The reveal of Earth is just beyond words. No planet is as beautiful as Earth and videos like this where we see Van Gogh in the moving clouds mixed with the colors of our land mass projected against the blue, no other planet even comes close.


Charlie Loyd, the maker of this wonderful site, writes:

Japan’s Himawari-8 satellite is in stationary orbit over New Guinea where it captures some truly amazing imagery of the Earth. Every day the satellite captures imagery of the western Pacific, Australia, and parts of Asia, Antarctica & Alaska.

Glittering Blue is a video of Himawari 8's imagery from just one day. The video shows 24 hours of imagery from August 3rd 2015 in 12 seconds. What makes Glittering Blue stand out is its sheer size, which really showcases the amazing quality of Himawari-8's imagery.


To see Glittering Blue in stunning clarity and at a ridiculously high resolution, click here. Seriously, watch it there. It’s more worth it.

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Mike Willard

“No planet is as beautiful as Earth”

In fairness to the other planets, we evolved here so it makes sense that we find it the most beautiful. I’m sure if we evolved on Mars we would be just as impressed with its red dustiness as we are with Earth’s blue wateriness.