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Seeing strangers take off each other's clothes is quite awkward

Illustration for article titled Seeing strangers take off each others clothes is quite awkward

Here's the official, anted up sequel to First Kiss, called Undress Me, which means "strangers" are taking off each other's clothes now in a video to promote the new season of Masters of Sex. It doesn't quite have the well acted charm of the original and you feel more like a voyeur this time around but watching beautiful people act clumsy around each other kind of soothes your inner awkward teenage soul in a "Hey, they're just like us!" kind of way.


As with the last video, the strangers in the video don't know each other but are also probably humans who were paid to look good next to each other.

The obvious next step in Tatia PIlieva's stranger series is to have strangers have sex with each other which well, actually already exists all over the Internet.

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I like the one where they slap each other better...