Vampire’s Kiss Official Trailer #1 - Nicolas Cage Movie (1988) HD

From there, Loew slowly starts to believe he’s a vampire while quickly becoming an absolute maniac. He screams the alphabet to his therapist (watch the amazing video below). He trashes everything in his apartment. He falls to his knees in horror in front of a neon cross. He chases Alva into the women’s restroom. He eats a live cockroach. He turns his black leather couch over so he can sleep under it like an ersatz coffin. He stops being able to see himself in mirrors (although his reflection is clearly there). Eventually, he buys those aforementioned kids’ plastic vampire teeth—you know the ones—and bites a woman secluded in a loud nightclub on the neck, drinking her blood. (Hilariously, he has to take out the teeth to do this.)


If you’re a fan of over-the-top Nic Cage performances like in The Wicker Man reboot, Vampire’s Kiss is still something exceedingly special. In Wicker Man and, say, Face/Off, Cage is playing over-the-top characters in an over-the-top world. But Loew lives in the real world, at least partially knows he’s going crazy, and embraces it. As cartoonish as it is, Cage’s performance is emphasized by the normal women he harasses, giving it elements of authentic danger and menace that are missing from roles where he screams about bees.

Vampire’s Kiss very cunningly doles out Maximum Cage in bursts at first, crescendoing them throughout the film until its bananas final act. It’s a mesmerizingly weird movie that offers no message; hell, it’s barely a story. I have absolutely no idea why it exists, but I’m certainly glad it does.

Vampire’s Kiss (5/11) Movie CLIP - Alphabetical Order (1988) HD

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