Seiko's FutureNow Watch Puts 80,000 E-Ink Pixels On Your Wrist

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Seiko's been exploring the weird world of E-Ink watches since 2005, when they introduced the first in a series of futuristic E-Ink wristwear. FutureNow, the latest iteration, slaps an active matrix E-Ink display (Future) on an unassuming wristwatch (Now).

The active matrix is a new development, allowing the watch to display a greater variety of graphics on its 80,000 pixels, each of which can display four shades of gray. The FutureNow debuted last week BaselWorld 2010, and you can catch a glimpse of how it looks just after the 3:00 mark in this video:

The clip gives you a sense of the E-Ink display's capabilities—it can produce some decent graphical elements and allows you to switch between a variety of digital watch faces—and also gives you a sense of how shiny the watch's band is. Very shiny.


Seiko claims that the FutureNow's new display decreases power consumption, though there's no word on when you'll be able to try one on and see just how long its batteries last. [Engadet]

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I keep thinking to myself. "Hey you should get a watch" but then I look up and see a clock. pull out my iPhone see a clock. Get in my car see a clock.

Im sorry watches but you're just wasting space that could be taken up by slapbands.