Seinfeld and Gates Are Out, "I'm a Mac" Counterattack Ads Are In

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Alas, the Abbott and Costello-esque partnership between funny man Jerry Seinfeld and billionaire nerd Bill Gates is now officially over, after Microsoft decided to go with a slightly less ambiguous advertising campaign. (As probably planned, contrary to what's floating around the internet tonight about pulled Seinfeld ads.) In their place is a direct shot at those Apple "I'm a Mac" ads, where a Microsoft engineer resembling John Hodgman's character greets you, "Hello, I'm a PC, and I've been made into a stereotype." What comes next is a parade of everyday PC users-scientists, fashion designers, teachers, and celebrities (like Pharrell!)—who talk about how much they like using computers that run on Microsoft operating systems and software. The vignettes, none of which are online right now, are supposed to be quick and upbeat... probably similar to those old Mac Switch ads? As a Windows user who was deeply puzzled by what message the Seinfeld + Gates ads were trying to espouse, I'm glad they're going with a more informative, if conventional, approach. My biggest problem with the "I'm a Mac" ads were that they weren't, in any sense, grounded in reality. I don't look like John Hodgman. I use my computer for more than just spreadsheets. It's nice to see Microsoft's campaign reflect that. [NYTimes]



I'm a pc, I take 10 times longer to do anything in the real world of software development and in the corporate world, I need so many firewalls and virus scanners, it's impossible to even reply to an email.

I'm a mac, I get shit done.

Hmmm, tough choice....