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Selfie, Derp and Phablet Are Now Words in the Oxford Dictionaries Online

Illustration for article titled Selfie, Derp and Phablet Are Now Words in the Oxford Dictionaries Online

Because language doesn't really matter anymore to the Internet, words that people use online all the time even though people are often too embarrassed to say it in real life are now a part of the dictionary. The Oxford Dictionaries Online is adding these wonky words to its dictionary: twerk, phablet, derp, selfie, bitcoin, vom and more.


Last year, if you remember, the ODO added words like lolz, photobomb, tweeps and even mwahahaha to its dictionary. So judging from its recent history, the ODO is basically trying to keep pace with the Internet and eventually ruin the English language forever. Other new words of note:

  • squee
  • srsly
  • TL;DR
  • geek chic
  • emoji
  • bitcoin


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I've had this argument many times with some of my friends who are from the literature student crowd. They are extremely conservative and rigid regarding languages, as if they just appeared like that, instead of evolving through the centuries (and they should know better than anyone).

Maybe it's my engineer background, but I see them a lot like "communication protocols", ones that are supposed to be changed, expanded, tweaked. At the end of the day, a language is meant for humans to exchange ideas. There's nothing sacred in and of themselves.