Sennheiser PC155 USB PC Skype Headset Hands-On

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PC users who were envious of the M145 Mac Skype headset can stop fretting, since the PC155 Skype-certified headset is even nicer than its brother.


The connectivity options are pretty much the same as on the M145. There's a headphone jack and a speaker jack which connect directly to the USB adapter. The setup is surprisingly as simple on Windows as it was on OS X—plugging in the USB port is all it takes for Windows XP to recognize and set up the headset. Changing your Skype to use this as Input/Output takes only a few clicks in the configuration.

The audio quality for both in and out are pretty good, and music had enough if not too much bass. We were calling some credit card agencies with it to cancel some credit cards and they had no problem understanding us. The easy on/off mic switch on the cable itself provides an easy way to mute the mic in case you have to talk to someone on your end without the other party hearing.

The ear cups are comfortable, but they don't go around the entire ear (if you have large ears) like Sennheiser HD-580s do, which means your ears may get fatigued after using it a while. It's definitely comfortable enough for extended periods of gaming.

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