Babolat, a French company that has been making tennis gear since 1875, has recently unveiled a high-tech racket that could revolutionize training. Called the Play & Connect, the racket is packed with sensors analyzing every aspect of a player's swing and performance.

And even though it's been electronically enhanced, the racket still weighs and feels just like other hollow string rackets, which is important since it shouldn't affect how a player uses it in a match.


Previously, video replays of a match have been studied to help improve a tennis player's swing. But the sensors in the Play & Connect can measure the ball speed, the force exerted during the swing, the vibrations of the strings, and even the exact location where it made contact with the ball. And all of that data can then be downloaded to a piece of software where it can not only be analyzed, but also track a player's performance over time so they know if they're destined for Wimbledon, or a life coaching a high school tennis team. [Babolat via Reuters]