Poor Jesus, I heckle him about his iPhone love as he's just trying to give our dear readers a taste of Samsung's YP-P2 PMP. But you really need to know the context:

Jesus, Ad and I are cabbing it back from the show yesterday. Jesus whips out the old iPhone to check his email, feel better about himself, pick up chicks, etc. Our cab driver, spotting the glorious device in his rear view mirror, begins panting at the prospect of the quite literal JesusPhone being right in his presence (since there's no iPhone love for Germany at the moment). He asks to hold it, unconsciously cutting over a lane in heavy traffic and almost killing us in the process.


With a child-like wonder, our cabbie stares at the device. He doesn't even know what to do with it, but couldn't have been more joyous all the same—like a prepubescent male during his first encounter with a Playboy magazine.

As he pulled up to our hotel, the now fanatical driver started pitching Jesus hardcore on selling the phone right then and there. I believe certain "favors" may have been offered. Jesus refuses. A few times.


Stiffed his tip by our lack of euros, Ad apologizes. But the driver is all smiles. "Seeing that is my tip," he says, pointing at the iPhone. And we feel just a bit less like total douchebags.

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