Share Your Local Tech Stories With Us in #Tips

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The world's a wacky and spectacular place, and there are things happening everyday that make us rethink and expand our notion of how technology fits in our society. Whether it's a story about a man who's climbing skyscapers with suction cups, a report on a wildfire that was started by machine gun fire, or just a strange news item on someone sneaking cellphones into prisons with bow and arrow, these stories about people are just as important as the ones about the Googles and Microsofts and Apples of the world, and we want to hear about them!

So if you come across a story that makes you look at technology in a different light—be it serious, sentimental, stupefying, sappy, scientific, silly, or whatever else—please share it with us in #tips. You can drop a link right in that box up there next to our logo. Thanks!