Sharpening a Worthless $1 Knife With a $300 Stone Turns It Into a Samurai Sword

The irony of working with cheap, dull knives in the kitchen is that you’re more likely to accidentally cut yourself than if you had razor-sharp blades to slice and dice with. But if you’re as skilled at sharpening knives as YouTube’s Kiwami Japan is, you can turn a dollar store blade into a tool for master chefs.


The transformation of this $1 blade is nothing short of astounding; it goes from barely being able to cut through a sheet of paper to turning a tomato into tissue-thin slices with minimal effort. Just don’t get any bright ideas about buying up cheap knives and sharpening them into kitchen tools worth hundreds of dollars. This knife unfortunately won’t hold its edge for long, and you’ll probably end up spending more time re-sharpening it than actually cooking.




was going to mention the fact that cheap knives can’t hold edges, but I read the article in it’s entirety and saved myself from getting called out. (PS: victorinox fibrox chefs knives are my personal choice for the best budget-ish chefs knife, not that anyone was asking.)