Sharpie's Liquid Pencil is Erasable for 24 Hours and Then Permanent Forevermore

If there's a name I trust when it comes to writing implements, it's Sharpie. Their newest creation is the Liquid Pencil, a smooth-writer that gives you a few days to erase your work before it becomes set in stone.


Think of it as the yin to the erasable pen's yang. Sharpie claims that their new Liquid Pencil writes as smoothly as a pen, erases just like a pencil, and becomes permanent like a Sharpie marker after a few days.

Seems like it could be useful for those who are prone to self-correction but worry about Father Time getting the best of their penciled notes. Also, this way you'll have a few days to react when it explodes in your pocket. [Sharpie via Wired]

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