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Sherpa, the Lovechild of Siri and Google Now

Bark something at Siri and it might get back to you with what you're looking for. Google Now is supposed to serve up relevant information when you need it without having to do the legwork yourself. Now imagine the two merging together to form a Voltron-like personal assistant. Sherpa is that Voltron and it's finally available in the US.


Having been incubated in Spain for the last few months, the natural language Android app uses what's called a "MultiKnowledge" system that pulls relevant information from a variety of sources to provide the user with the right particulars. So, for instance, if you're looking for information about MotoGP and you ask Siri, it responds with the following: "Sorry, I don't know anything about that sport." When you say "MotoGP" to Sherpa, it pulls up and delivers information about the sport eliminating the need for me to actually tap the "Search the web" button on Siri. That's a heck of a lot more convenient.

By linking together your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, you can even update your status across each social network. Though you can't respond to messages or send messages through Sherpa to each network, Sherpa CEO and founder Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria tells me that that feature is in the works. You can also ask Sherpa to pull up all mentions of you on Twitter, set calendar appointments or even turn the volume on your phone up or down. Oh, and it plays music you ask for through varying streaming services.


What's more, depending on what it is you're looking for, each card of information that Sherpa pulls up also contains relevant information, like photos or LinkedIn profiles or directions. So rather than giving the user only one particular source and forcing them to continue the journey of finding things, Sherpa does its best to cut out the middle man and serve up everything you might need.

Like Google Now, Sherpa learns from what you do to help set reminders and the like without you having to tell it what to do.

Another interesting feature of Sherpa is the ability to enter into transactions to buy goods or send money. For example, if you're looking for a concert in your city, Sherpa will list all the shows and then let you purchase tickets. It even works with airline tickets and you can even send money through PayPal without ever having to actually lift a finger to type in an email address. Best of all, Sherpa is incredibly fast. Much faster than Siri.

Sherpa is now available through the US Google Play Store and supports devices from Android 2.2 and up. [Google Play]


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The app is not compatible with Android 4.2.2(Galaxy Nexus)!

Also why doesn't the "Sign in" on this page support Opera, I cant login with Opera 12.15!?

Lifahacker, Jalopnik and all other Gawker sites work fine, but no luck with Gizmodo!

Tried both Twitter and Google login, none of them work!