Canon EOS T1i
F 4.6
Exposure 1/5
Stock Lens

When we were friends she basically flirted with me at work just to use my Macbook Pro. Couple months later she bought her own Macbook Pro and we started dating. Our date nights often end with us sitting on the couch looking up geeky stuff online.


-Artie Melo

I love shooting old and intricate architecture, and when I read the description for this week's challenge I thought I could create an interesting duotone with shots from one of the most infamous mental institutions, Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, NJ. I wanted to create an eerie, Hitchcock-esque mood with the duotone processing, and it could not have been more perfect when a flock of crows surrounded the building. This shot was taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, EF-S 18-55mm lens, 1/200 exposure, f9.


-Jamie Babbitt

Great challenge this week!

Went out to get some pics on a very drab day, found an old container with much contrast and rusty bits.


Used a 105mm Micro Nikkor and the oncam flash for some extra contrast, bounced it off my phone to get it from the top of the pic.

Duotone shamelessly done in silverEfex Pro, using the toning feature to add a coffee tone and some extra structure.


- Nils Rohwer


I was at a friend's flat in Elephant & Castle in London and, having kept the shooting challenge in mind, thought that their building was a good enough subject to experiment duotone on. The past few days we've had grey skies, but today (Sunday) we had glorious sunshine - not an opportunity to be missed! I didn't have any proper camera with me so I used the camera my iPod touch (just Apple's own camera app). I then followed the Photoshop tutorial for duotones and had some fun!

-Katherine Moe



This is my entry for the duotone challenge. Living on the water provides lots of photo options & daily inspiration. This week in CT, we had some extremely foggy days. The original image of a fogged in river boat started out looking black and white. I thought it took the moody blue duotone applied in photoshop rather well. I normally have my D5000 glued to my hip but on this day I only had my iphone to snap with - nothing fancy.

-Lauren Fister


It was a cold & rainy saturday night... and all the locals took to the bar for shelter. This photo was taken with my canon t2i 50mm fixed lens @ f/1.4, ISO 800. I used the photoshop method to achieve the duotone effect & enjoyed playing around to find 2 colours that reflect the end of the patio season & much earlier sunsets.

-Jo Law


"Man's Best Friend"

I've come to depend on my dog over the past 11 years as she has been at my side in nearly everything i have undertaken.

So Paige was my old stand by today as I was searching for a duotone subject.
I caught her waking up from her mid-afternoon nap and used my new "nifty-fifty" a f/1.8 to get an extremely shallow depth of field.


Canon 60D
EF 50mm f/1.8 II
1/20 sec at f/1.8, ISO 1600

- Micah Rydman


My submission is a shot of logs stacked in the backyard. Pretty simple, but I think the logs stand out much more after editing. Taken with a Canon Powershot S95 at f/2.0, 1/160 sec., ISO-80, no flash. Also, I edited it in Gimp.

- Jacob Freck


Dear reader:

It was clear night and the temperature was really cold and windy I took my bike and I went for a small journey (10km) to another town 'Lomma' beside my city 'Lund' and from Lomma's beach I could see Malmö and it's bridge connecting Malmö to Denmark, also I saw 'Turning Torso' tower. it was really cool feeling to just be alone with nice view.
I guess you have to be their to feel it.

Tools: Canon 600D, Lens 135, Place.
(ISO:100 F-stop:3.5 E-time:30 sec (Colors: Black and Orange)
Photo name: I miss Waterpipe.


Hot regards

-Muhammad Darwish


Canon EOS 5D Mark II, f/18, 13 Second Exposure, EF 100mm 2.8L Macro Lens, ISO-50, LED lighting

The fastest way to start the parking meter in San Francisco is the dollar coin. Drive to the Sunset, pop one in, eat lunch, and leave right on time. The bank tellers always got mad at me when I asked for a roll of the coins because they had to go to the back and search for them. I haven't lived in SF for two years. Now, I cannot get rid of them...business will actually throw hissy fit if I try to use one. Apparently, replacing the dollar bill with coins will save the US Government billions. That is weird because Van Buren started his presidency with a five year depression...maybe he is helping us from the beyond.

- Daniel Jang


It was overcast on friday, but as it was getting dark the clouds disappeared from the sky. This gave me an awesome visual of the clouds distant clouds on the horizon. I took a one second exposure, because the light was fading quickly. I gave it a blue themed duotone, with a very dark blue for the shadows and a very light blue for the highlights. Camera used was my Panasonic FZ35.

-Peter Glitsch


My university's photography club takes trips around our campus sometimes, and today we were utilizing some props a member had- giant American flags and cigarettes. I thought the feeling of the photo really worked in duotone, but I couldn't decide which color gradient I liked the best, and I really like them all combined in triptych form. Not sure if that'll get me disqualified under the 'one submission' rule, but I really liked the end result.

Shooting Summary:
Nikon D3000 with 50mm f/1.8 lens
shutter: 1/1000sec. at f/4.5, ISO 100
Edited in Photoshop CS5

- Rachel Weiss


Title: Owl In Existence

I placed the Owl on a t.v. tray. I then placed another t.v. tray touching the one with the owl on it, I then put a lam on the adjoining tray. I then took a wooden dowel rod and attached a work-lamp to it and set it less than an inch outside of the shot, I was really trying to bring in maximum light possible. I ended up being very happy with the outcome! (My brother had a Harry Potter party a while back. He used many props and items that he picked up at an antique shop. Within these props were various animal statues, I chose the Owl because it captured the essence of the duotone with its dark, brown complexion, against the cool color of the wall).

Camera: Canon 40D
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.8
Shutter: 400
Aperture: 1.8
ISO: 250

- George Westlake


When a trip to the Dia:Beacon was planned for this weekend, I decided it would be a good time to try my hand at a shooting challenge again. The trip didn't let down in terms of striking landscape views, but what was really eye catching were these window shadows in the Richard Serra room. They seemed to be begging for this challenge's treatment, the problem being the photography rules in museums. So instead of the old phrase "the best camera is the camera you have on you" this instead is "the best camera is the camera you can use incognito". Therefore this was taken on the iPhone 4, with some contrast adjustments and straightening. I originally wanted to colorize it to reflect the fall colors outside, but ended up liking the blue more due to its resemblance to the Madlib "Shades of Blue" cover art.

-Zach Chapman



I've been looking forward for days to finding the right shot for this. It's only my second contest entry.

This was taken in my back yard with my Sony A230. I was using a Tamron 70-300 lens. ISO at 250, f/4 and exposure at 1/200. I love this image due to the contrast of the moss/fungus on the tree, the grain of the fence and the playfulness of the squirrel as it pokes his head out at the split in the tree.


I wished that I could have gotten a most striking color contrast, but I'm not familiar in the least with Duotone photography... hell, I'm not that familiar with photography in general!

I hope somebody enjoys this image!


Rubik's deception

As soon as I read about the challenge thousands of ideas blow up in my mind. I took pictures of most of my ideas but none of them really caught my attention. Then I looked around in my room and I found that old Rubik's Cube. I tried a couple of shots and they looked somehow catchy! So i took some lights and put them around it to obtain a good effect. The final result was quite good, also thanks to my almost macro lens, which allowed me to take a pretty close shot with an aperture of f/2.8.

-Andrea Nessi


For this contest I used a Nikon D90 with f/4.8, 1/80 sec, ISO-200 as settings. I was at a birthday party and this was the cake topper. The little plastic man's face just seemed happy and content with everything in life. Plus, he just caught a fish which is half the size of his little body.

- Francis Armetta


Canon 400D with Cannon 18-55mm IS lens at 29mm, 1/320 sec, f/16, ISO 200

I had a busy weekend and was afraid I would miss out on this
competition, a real shame because I'd been looking for an excuse to
try making duotones for a while now! On the way down to a parts store
I happened to find this cool abandoned factory. I figured the shadows
and the texture of the bricks would work pretty well in duotone, and I
think it worked pretty well. Worked purple in as the shadow tone to
keep it interesting.

-Brenda Dunne


Canon 60D, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/800

I got distracted by some ants while on a photo shoot I had hoped I could use a shot from for this challenge, and I ended up going with this photo instead. In Photoshop, I changed the image mode to grayscale and then to duotone of light red and dark blue. I used a gradient map to adjust the contrast and then changed it back to RGB mode where I applied a second gradient map with the same colors and changed the blending mode of that adjustment layer to color. I processed the image several times trying different color combinations and adjusted the contrast several different ways, but in the end this purple toned version was my favorite.

-Esmer Olvera



Despite a snow storm and a few nights below freezing, my roommate's tomato plant has held onto it's two remaining fruits. We debate eating them.. The sun was in a perfect position for this shot and contrasts nicely with the lifelessness of the plant. I used a maroon for the darker tones and a blue for the lighter. Nikon D40x, ISO 200, f/4.2. GIMP is responsible for the post processing.

- Ryan Moynihan