Caught a parking lot carnival tonight and it happened to be an outstanding night out. Did some long exposure and was happy how the colors on this one came out.

Nikon D3000
Tamron Lens 18-270mm
Exposure: 2.5-4 sec.

- Steve P.


Canon t2i, Lensbaby Muse, ISO 200

Decided to test out my new Lensbaby Muse with the golden hour contest. Got some interesting results, this being my favorite. It's no winner, but I hope it's interesting to others besides myself.

- Edgar Arellano



I was torn between this and two other photos for this shooting challenge, in the end, they looked a little bit too much like something you would find on, so I ended up going with this. After furiously running around my town for about 25 minutes trying to find that perfect lighting; I stumbled upon a construction site with signs that read "NO TRESPASSING" and "IF YOUR DUMPING, SMILE YOUR ON CAMERA." which might as well been wedding invitations. The light was hitting these two machines perfectly. A small amount of curves correction was done in post. Canon Rebel T2i w/ 18-135mm lens @ f/8, 1/500th, ISO 100. Enjoy!

- David DiFrancesco


Nikon d60
ISO 100
50mm f1/8

I was out shooting Graffiti when i stumbled upon this carnival at the golden hour. I was at first upset I only had my 50mm lens and wasn't able to take some wide angle shots. But the nifty fifty came threw once again


- Jacob Santiago


Dear Giz Guys,

This is my first submission and was actually quite fortuitous in terms of timing.
First the equipment :

Canon EOS Rebel T1i using an EF 17-40mm f/4L lens with 2 filters (1 Tiffen UV/Haze and 1 Tiffen Circular Polarizer), with a Luma loop strap for easy access and carry. Manual focus; ISO 100; Exposure 1/60; Aperture f/6.3; Focal length 24 mm


My wife and I are currently in the midst of a world-wide adventure. As of 4/1, we quit our jobs, gave up our Hell's Kitchen apartment, packed out remaining things into storage (my wife's parent's basement) and flew out to Sao Paolo (Brazil being our first stop). The picture was taken on Friday, less than 2 weeks into our new lives.

Thursday night, we had decided we would see the most famous of Brazilian monuments : Cristo Redentor.
We set off in the early afternoon, taking the 206 bus up to the start of Tijuca Forest. Having survived a bus ride (this is a bumpier ride than one would expect & closer to Bullitt in a 22 passenger bus), we started our hike. An approximately 5.7 KM trip on a road with hardly any sidewalks and lots of vehicles. Did I mention Tijuca Forest is basically a rain forest? Did I also mention it was 84 degrees, sunny and humid?

Needless to say about an hour later, we made it to the ticket booth to pay to see the statue. After some bad noise and the realization that we may have been slightly duped by the price, we ascended the final leg towards the statue. Any sidewalks were completely gone and the incline was steep. 45 minutes and a 1.5 L bottle of water later, we made it to the actual bottom of the statue... for more stairs. About 1/2 dozen more sets of stairs later, we were both soaked (I literally squeezed several ounces of sweat out of my white t-shirt) and tired but Jesus is quite present... along with several hundred annoying tourists all taking photos with, in front of or emulating the statue's pose.


I carefully checked my camera settings and setup several test composition shots of the statue and the cityscape below (faux fish-eye, filtered, unfiltered, with little Jimmy McMillan, etc) trying to avoid the sun's glare and all the tourists getting into the way of a clear shot. The best shot came from the stairs that descended in front to the statue. This was also the most perilous, as this was where all the tourist had clumped, one on top of the other, to get their "shots"; some kneeling, some standing, couples/singles/children/old/young, imitation poses, perspective "holding up the statue" poses, etc.

I had first to navigate the stairs like a game of frogger just to get down for the city shots and now I had to repeat that process just to leave. I held my breath, put out my elbows to avoid any incidental contact and quickly used my remaining energy reserves to swiftly ascend 2 steps at a time through the maelstrom. Having gotten to the top, I noticed I was in the "eye of the storm", with a clear shot & directly in front of the statue. As a pistolero in the Wild West would do, I grabbed the camera off my hip, adjusted the aperture and exposure, focused and shot. 2 seconds later, I had my shot and was on my way back down the mountain to the waiting arms of a well deserved cold beer.

All in all, it was a experience that I will be sure to repeat in the remaining 50 weeks of our trip, but it is the reason I take photographs; to have at least one great picture to go with a really good story.


- cheers.

- Nellu Mazilu


Canon Rebel XT with Kit lens 18-55 mm

ISO 100 - Program Mode

Taking a walk with my family when I noticed a nice shadow from the setting sun and thought I would get a family picture. I have participating in and this is one of my favorite submissions.


- Joshua Post

This week I went to memorial drive in Cambridge, MA looking over the skyline of Boston. It was about 20 minutes until sunset. I used my Canon Rebel XSi on a tripod. The settings were shutter speed at 0.4" with f/22.0 and 100 ISO.


- Seth Porter

With the tremendous thunderstorms thrashing the East this weekend, I was afraid that I wouldn't get a chance to shoot this challenge properly. I was excited when I headed out into a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon, only to be extremely frustrated when, while setting up for my shot, the sun hid behind an array of dark clouds. Fortunately, some patience paid off and after about 30 minutes the sun came out for one last hurrah. This is a shot of the rails of the Memorial Bridge in DC. Canon Rebel T2i f/5 ISO400 1/200 exposure


- Paul McNiel

I was getting worried that I would miss the challenge this week due to the weather here in Michigan being dreary. Fortunately for me, the clouds broke on Sunday night and I was able to get this shot while walking my dog. Shot on a Canon Rebel T2i with the kit lens. I cropped it a bit from the original.


Shutter speed 1/400
ISO 100
Focal length 55mm

- Davy Allred


Attached photos for my submission in the Golden Hour photo contest.

Technical Details:
Canon 60D
Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 Lens @ 16mm
320 ISO @ f/2.8 and 1/1000 sec

My neighborhood is growing pretty fast and I noticed they recently started clearing out the woods behind my house. My kids go out there pretty frequently so I decided when I saw this contest it would be a perfect time to go shoot a sunset through the trees. I came away with a few fairly standard photos but when I almost walked into this spider web I thought I'd give my new wide angle f/2.8 lens a workout. I got as close to the spider web as my lens would let me, then focused on the spider to leave plenty of bokeh in the trees and sun behind it. No crazy post-processing, just a tight crop and some minor color correction. Great little walk in the woods too that left me feeling excited that winter is officially over. Thanks for the idea, Giz!


- Tommy Byrd

Shot on a Canon 7D w/ 100-400mm lens, 1/320th, f/5.6, ISO 100, manual exposure, handheld. Cropped, rotated, color & contrast adjustments in Lightroom.


Photo taken during a walk along a nearby river before work. As birds are starting to migrate back to the northeast, these short walks have proven very lucrative at producing nice photo opportunities for a variety of species. Though a bit early in the season for this bird, as best I can determine, it's a Veery. His song was giving a nearby Song Sparrow some good competition! He was very cooperative, allowing me to spend several minutes photographing him in this tree before taking off to a stand of trees further up-river.

- Nathan Purmort


Taken on April 17. Shot with a Canon 60D, ISO 400, Tamron 18-270 Lens

Taken in Ellicott City, MD... This store always has a display of dresses hanging outside... the colors change frequently and I have several pictures of their different displays. The golden hour light added a nice touch to the display.

- Cheryl MacLean


The evening before you announced your Golden Hour Shooting Challenge, I had been out walking with my family and had taken some wonderful pictures of our kids in high grass, as the sun was setting and all the colors were just I thought, I'll just do that again, another walk with my family and get those beautiful shots....but it never works that way....;o) well I settled for the flowers in the garden, and came to quite like the bokeh background made by the setting sun through our willow tree....

Canon 7D
Focal length 135 mm (35mm equiv. 211mm)
1/20 sek
ISO 100

- Annemette Kuhlmann


Photo taken with Canon 5D mark II. EOS 24-70L f/2.8 with polorizer
image was captured at 7:30am. Was a bracketed exposure shot on a Gitzo 1327 with arca swiss BH-1
Was in manual mode stopped down to f/22 ISO 100. Bracketed Shutter -2 +2 for the HDR compile.
I woke up this morning to shoot the sunrise by a local pier and catch shrimp boats break the rising sun, this shot made my morning tho.

- Scott Wischkaemper


For this shot, I went down to the coast to take some pictures with my brother. It was golden hour, and after many failed attempts, I decided to catch the seagull to give the shot a little more action. Shot with Canon 50D with Canon 17-85mm lens. 17mm, ISO 100, f4, 1/1000sec.

- Brian Weist


iPhone 3G

This is a shot from the Green Line train in Chicago looking West down Washington Street. It's got a little distortion and lacks clarity because it was shot with an iPhone 3G and through the train's window – plus the train was moving – but I think it's got a nice appeal to it. I did a little post work in Photoshop for a little color and levels adjustments.

I took the shot on my commute home from the office around 6:00. I've got a little personal project going of taking and uploading a photo a day to a Flickr set dubbed 'Daily Capture'. For now, my goal is a photo a day for a year straight. Feel free to check out the set here. This shot is 04.13.2011. I know the 3G probably isn't the best 'camera' for the job, but it's handy, and I suppose that what it lacks in photo-taking performance can sometimes be a positive thing.


Thanks for checking it out.

- BJ


A lot of great shots came from this week's challenge, but I had to share this one. I was using my Nikon D90 with a 50mm Nikkor lens while walking through the park. I was trying to get shots of the bridge over the pond when I saw these ducks hanging out by the water. Normally I would have used my 70-300mm lens, but it's now in paper-weight mode thanks to a busted AF motor. So, I set my camera to f/5.6 and bumped my ISO up to 1000 and tried to get as close as I could. He eventually started to fly off while I held my shutter button down for a few seconds. This lucky shot was the result.

- Kevin Bailey


Shooting summary: Olympus E-P1, Minolta MD Rokkor-X 45 mm f/2 with micro 4/3 adapter, ISO 200, 1/320 sec, f/2.8, EV +.3.

Story: I've wanted to shoot a local downtown area for a while, and finally went down there on Saturday night to do it for this contest. There's a historic limestone building with flowers planted in front that looked like it would give a nice demonstration of the colors possible during the Golden Hour. Took the shot about a half-hour before sunset.

- Bob Gallimore


I Took this picture with my NEX-VG10. I didn't do to much editing to this picture i just brightened it up and adjusted the levels. I love taking picture during golden hour so naturally i would enter this contest.

- Dan Jarvis


Every year, a group of volunteers plants 80,000 tulip bulbs in Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore. I showed up at sunrise to take some pictures of them this weekend. For anyone else in Baltimore that hasn't been there, it is still a bit early - next weekend or the last weekend in April will be peak for the tulips.

For this image, I used a Canon 60D with a Lensbaby 3g at 50mm, f/4 and 1/60 second. Post processing was done in Aperture and Photoshop.

- Joe Russo


Saturday a week ago, I accidently ran my Samsung Instinct phone through the washer and thought it was ruined. A friend lent me the use of a desiccator to dry it out and it works, however the camera now has significant lens flare, rainbows and color arcs if pointed sunward. Driving home, I noticed the sun lighting up the world in a nice, golden way so I pulled over and snapped this photo. I couldn't see what the image was on the phone screen because the sun was too bright in my eyes. Held it up, click, hoped for the best. I like the lens flare and the reflections lighting up the road and irrigation equipment.

- Sally Austin


Burning Tree

I made a lot of great Golden Hour shots this week. As I would leave one of my favorite areas, already done with my shots for the day, I would run across this tree near the parking lot. I could not resist one last shot.

My collection of shots from this week include a lot of photos of geese, ducks, boaters, birds, firetrucks, and one of a fireman raising the US and Texas flags for they day. It was very hard to pick one shot that is better than the others, they are all great to me. I chose this tree and I have several great wallpapers to choose from for my own desktop.


Camera: Canon XTi 400D
Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 II
Aperture: 2.8
Exposure: 1/4000
ISO: 200

- Robert Allen



Fujifilm s100fs - 1/320" - F5.3 - ISO100 - 101.5mm - Velvia simulation mode

Barrier rocks near the Eau Gallie pier. Fortunately, the title only refers to the wave against the rocks. There was some danger that it would also refer to me falling into the lagoon as I was trying to get a picture.


- Mike Case

Canon EOS REBEL T1I - f/4.5 - 1/50 sec. ISO-400 - 125mm

I put my camera into manual mode, set the aperture wide open, and the ISO to auto, then used my dial to adjust the exposure based on the light meter. I wanted to take a picture of a train at some point and lucked out as I saw one stopped in its tracks!


- Andrew VandenHeuvel

Title: Golden Bokeh

This shot was taken at Lewisville Lake. For me, I found that the warm, golden, bokeh colors of the sunset really set the mood of this picture. A simple picture but it conveys a sense of tranquility.


Camera: Canon 5DII
Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 200mm
Shutter Speed: 1/1000 sec


- Alex Stevenson


Golden Reflections

Well, this was a very frustrating shooting challenge. The Golden Hour has been rainy or cloudy every day this week, and the day I shot this photo was no exception. My wife and I went up on the walking part of a bridge spanning the Hudson River because I was hoping to get a nice shot of the river and the surrounding hills, but the hills were super smoggy and there was an annoying thin layer of cloud blocking the sun sucking up all the really good Golden light. We got up there a bit early so we waited around on the bridge for nearly an hour, and my poor wife was freezing because it was so windy up there, but she stayed with me through the whole thing. I got some okay shots of the bridge, but they turned out pretty generic. Fortunately I was still able to get a pretty decent picture of the Mrs! I really liked the reflection of the sun in my sunglasses as she was holding them, so I made her wear them and took a few pictures of it.

Canon Rebel T1i - 50mm EF Lens - f/4.0 - 1/80 - ISO 100 - Temp: 6200°K

- Micah Gerber


Hey guys! This is my second submission. It's a shot of my girlfriend jumping from all the golden hour fun we had at the local paragliding spot here in Petropolis, near Rio de Janeiro. We went there just to hang out and watch people flying, but there was no wind and the sun was just perfect at around 5:30 pm, we even got to see a toucan! I did some editing in Lightroom 3 (temperature, HSL, contrast, black levels), maybe I went a little overboard. Shot with my Canon T1i and kit lens, RAW, uncropped, at 1/640, f/5.0, ISO 100 at 45mm. Hope you like it!

- Francisco Gomes


I shot this with my Canon 5D Mark II, Tamron 28-300 XR Di lens, set at ISO 125 f/4.5 and 1/100 sec. This is my little buddy, named, "Coupe." He's very photogenic and loves to ride in the new Camaro anytime he can. I shoot at this time of the day quite often, mostly with cars, so I thought since he likes the car so much I would use him as a model to pose on it.

- Brandon Nuss


This was taken with my Canon T2i at 48mm with f5.6 and at ISO 100. Basically, I put on the yard sprinklers to take the picture but it took ten minutes to convince him that it was okay play in the sprinklers, such a good kid. Contrasted up and desaturated in Lightroom.

- Johann Garces


Hope I'm not too late for my entry :p this challenge was only brought to my attention today!

I have attached three photographs of different shots of Singapore's Marina Bay at dawn. I was there for a run at about 6.40am and was amazed by the beautiful sunrise scenery. I am not a professional photographer and I don't even have a 'proper' camera, but I just had to capture the wonder with my iPhone 4! I am not sure if this even qualifies for your challenge, but I'm sending them to you anyways, just to share :)

The strange looking structure which looks like a metal flower and appears in all pics, is the ArtScience Museum of the Marina Bay Sands, which is the building with the three towers, in the second photo. You can check out the link of the hotel if you're interested ;)


Cheers from Singapore!

- Jaime Zainuddin


Canon EOS Rebel Xsi, Old manual Auto Chinon 1:1.7 55mm with an adaptor, ISO 100, f 1.7, 1/1000

I was out with my wife and daughter at the park just as it was getting to be the "golden hour". When I looked at this brightly colored dolphin it screamed "playground memories" to me. So I grabbed my camera (always on hand), got low to the ground (from a kids perspective) and shot.

- Dan Pietrini


Camera: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: 70-300 mm
ISO: 800

My town puts the "H" in "Middle of Nowhere." Between rows of cookie-cutter houses and fields of oranges, I exhausted my pool of subjects within a month of owning a camera. But I loved the challenge this week, and decided to chase the sunset through never-ending suburbia. I went out to photograph about half an hour before sunset (as recommended) and tweaked the exposure a bit in iPhoto.

- Aleksandra Konstantinovic


My youngest son was recently chosen to be in the area's united middle school honor band. After the concert, we were driving home, just about 20 or so minutes before sunset. We turned the corner and I noticed the lighting on the trees and remembered the challenge of shooting during the Golden Hour. The next day I went back with my son's to try some portraits. I had my youngest where his concert blacks and bring his trombone. We tried a number of shots. Ended up with one of each son that looked good. I let them pick which one was better and they agreed (a sure sign of the appocolapse for sure) that the one of the younger was the better photo.

Exif data

Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Exposure 0.001 sec (1/800)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 39 mm
ISO Speed 800
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash Off, Did not fire
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
X-Resolution 72 dpi
Y-Resolution 72 dpi
Date and Time (Modified) 2011:04:17 18:41:54
Artist John Hays
YCbCr Positioning Co-sited
Copyright Copyright by John E. Hays, 2010
XPKeywords Gizmodo Golden Hour Challenge
Padding (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Exposure Program Manual
Date and Time (Original) 2011:04:17 18:41:54
Date and Time (Digitized) 2011:04:17 18:41:54
Metering Mode Multi-segment
Sub Sec Time 00
Sub Sec Time Original 00
Sub Sec Time Digitized 00
Color Space sRGB
Focal Plane X-Resolution 5728.176796 dpi
Focal Plane Y-Resolution 5808.403361 dpi
Custom Rendered Normal
Exposure Mode Manual
White Balance Auto
Scene Capture Type Standard
Padding (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Offset Schema 4070
Macro Mode Normal
Self Timer Off
Quality Fine
Canon Flash Mode Off
Continuous Drive Single
Focus Mode AI Focus AF
Record Mode CR2+JPEG
Canon Image Size Large
Easy Mode Manual
Digital Zoom None
Contrast Normal
Saturation Normal
Metering Mode Evaluative
Focus Range Not Known
Canon Exposure Mode Manual
Lens Type Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Long Focal 55 mm
Short Focal 18 mm
Focal Units 1/mm
Max Aperture 5
Min Aperture 32
Flash Activity 0
Flash Bits (none)
Zoom Source Width 0
Zoom Target Width 0
Manual Flash Output n/a
Color Tone Normal
SRAWQuality n/a
Focal Plane XSize 226.11 mm
Focal Plane YSize 500.13 mm
Auto ISO 100
Base ISO 800
Measured EV 5.75
Target Aperture 5.7
Target Exposure Time 1/813
White Balance Auto
Slow Shutter None
Sequence Number 0
Optical Zoom Code n/a
Flash Guide Number 0
Flash Exposure Comp 0
Auto Exposure Bracketing Off
AEBBracket Value 0
Control Mode Camera Local Control
Measured EV2 5.875
Bulb Duration 0
Camera Type EOS High-end
NDFilter Unknown (-1)
Canon Firmware Version Firmware Version 1.0.9
Owner Name John Hays
Serial Number 0722331245
Canon Model ID Unknown (0x80000270)
AFMode Multi-point AF
Num AFPoints 9
Valid AFPoints 9
AFArea Widths 129 129 129 181 222 181 129 129 129
AFArea Heights 172 172 172 117 221 117 172 172 172
AFPoints Selected 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Original Decision Data Offset 0
Bracket Mode Off
Bracket Value 0
Bracket Shot Number 0
Raw Jpg Size Large
WBBracket Mode Off
WBBracket Value AB 0
WBBracket Value GM 0
Live View Shooting Off
Flash Exposure Lock Off
Lens Model EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Internal Serial Number VA0704443
Dust Removal Data (Binary data 1024 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Tone Curve Standard
Sharpness 3
Sharpness Frequency n/a
Sensor Red Level 0
Sensor Blue Level 0
White Balance Red 0
White Balance Blue 0
Color Temperature 5200
Picture Style Standard
Digital Gain 0
WBShift AB 0
WBShift GM 0
Measured RGGB 511 1024 1024 467
Color Space sRGB
VRDOffset 0
Sensor Width 5344 (152-5335 used)
Sensor Height 3516 (56-3511 used)
Black Mask Left Border 0
Black Mask Top Border 0
Black Mask Right Border 0
Black Mask Bottom Border 0
Peripheral Lighting On
Peripheral Lighting Value 32
Peripheral Lighting Setting On
Exposure Level Increments 1/3 Stop
ISOExpansion Off
Flash Sync Speed Av Auto
Long Exposure Noise Reduction Off
High ISONoise Reduction Off
Highlight Tone Priority Disable
AFAssist Beam Emits
Mirror Lockup Disable
Shutter Button AFOn Button Metering + AF start
Set Button When Shooting Normal (disabled)
LCDDisplay At Power On Display
Add Original Decision Data Off
Compression JPEG (old-style)
About uuid:faf5bdd5-ba3d-11da-ad31-d33d75182f1b
Date Acquired 2011:04:17 18:48:33.685
Last Keyword XMP Gizmodo Golden Hour Challenge
Subject Gizmodo Golden Hour Challenge


- John Hays

Nature's StopLight

I was out playing with my dog about an hour before sunset when I looked up and noticed the buds on the trees were red, yellow and green. I ran into the house, because I knew I didn't have long before the sunset, and snapped this. Unfortunately, the color in the photo was not quite as striking as it had been in person, so I had to do a bit a color boosting in Aperture. Honestly, I don't know what I did to the shot, but this is closer to what it looked like in person –I'm still learning my way around Aperture. Hope you enjoy it!
Nikon D7000
AF-S DX VR Nikkor 18-105mm @ 42mm
ISO 100


- Tim

Canon Rebel T1i
21 mm
ISO 400
1/500 s

I was in my living room and noticed the sunlight streaming in, showing off all the dust on my TV. I noted to my wife that this was the "golden hour" for taking pictures. She asked what I was doing just sitting there if I could be taking great photographs. I went outside into our backyard, thinking I could take a picture of a flower or tree bark or a leaf and it would look incredible. Once out there, I realized all my boring pictures were boring. About to come back in, I saw my bell shaped wind chime complete with spider webs, and thought this was my best shot. After removing an ugly yellow ladder, I took a shot, and think it came out the best of all my backyard photos.


- John Vink

Nikon D50
70-300 mm f/4-5.6 VR
1/100 sec
ISO 200
300 mm

- Quentin Swager


Hey Giz -

Canon Rebel T2i
50 mm lens
1/800 sec.

A buddy of mine rented a house in Santa Barbara for the weekend, and the backyard had this waterfall that went from the roof down into the pool. The setting sun provided a great "golden hour" opportunity, and this is the result. .... my wife thinks this would be a great opportunity for a "golden shower" joke, but I'm drawing a blank.


- Nick

It's been awhile since I've entered a Giz photo challenge, so after reading that this week's assignment was "Golden Hour" I convinced myself I had no excuse. Because of my busy schedule at school, the only time I had to shoot my photo was Sunday evening. I was hoping for a beautiful sunset, but when the time came, the sky was cold and cloudy. Just when I was about to give up, I turned around to see the largest orange moon I think I've ever seen. With the little light I had left I snapped like a maniac. I know Giz has a thing for Star Wars so I grabbed my favorite KAWS stormtrooper toy as my subject. I love how the moon in the background almost looks like another planet. I was also fortunate this weekend to be borrowing a friends Canon 100-400mm lens (aka the "bazooka" lens), which helped immensely in getting the moon to look close to the subject.


This shot was take on a Canon 5D Mark II using a Canon 100-400mm L lens. Aperture was wide open at 5.6, ISO was set at 2,000, and I shot it handheld at 1/10 shutter. Slight dodging of the subject was achieved in post, otherwise the picture is untouched.

- Doug Smith


I am obsessed with old schools in fields currently. It is getting a little out of control. I had cursed the flat, overcast sky the entire bumpy trip but in the end I think it came out really pretty. The sunset seemed to glow from inside the school almost and Lightroom made the shadows in front extra shadow-y.
Nikon D3000 ISO 800, f/22, 1/40 sec exposure

- Leslie Renee


I took this with my Canon T2i (550D) 45 mm (71 mm 35 equivalent) f 5.0 1/100s ISO: 100

I'm a student at Florida State and it was my first free day in a while so to relax I decided to wander around on campus just taking pictures to relax. So I got some standard buildings, people walking, nothing interesting. As it got darker, I remembered the golden hour challenge, and ran around looking for things to take pictures of, and I got nothing. So as I was heading back to my car, I see this scooter just sitting there near the dumpsters and took as many pictures as I could of it, In the end this basic one turned out to be my favorite. I didn't do anything in Photoshop other than adjust the color temperature a bit when I converted it from .RAW.

Thank you,

- Marcos Garcia



I must've taken this shot about an hour after reading about this week's shooting contest. I've never entered one before, but have been wanting to for quite a while. I guess being a grad student and brand-new dad keeps me kinda busy and it's tough to find the time (I got an AMAZING black card shot after the contest was over). I attached it too, just cuz i'm proud of it.

Anyway, I walked upstairs for one reason or another, definitely not planning on taking pictures, and I found my cat "Kona" just chilling like this, and right then I knew I had my shot. It was around 6:20 over here on the west coast. I know, it's a little early for the golden hour this time of year, but this beautiful light was pouring into my upstairs hallway from the bedroom door on the left. My camera was downstairs though, and I wondered if it was even worth trying to run downstairs to get it, anticipating that Kona would move at any moment. Surprisingly, she was there when I got back and I was able to snap off a few shots.


Unfortunately, I'm not really into this shot and I wish I was bold enough to get closer for a wider shot instead of cropping it the way I did, but it's all I was able to get between now and the end of the contest, so I'm submitting it anyway...enjoy!

Canon T2i
Canon 18-55mm "kit" lens
1/20 @ f5.6
ISO 400
55mm focal length
no flash

- Solomon Kamman


Some decent weather and some free time finally managed to coincide for me on Saturday evening. Bits of the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, are reflected in the Sage (an awesome building). This was taken at 19:59, and sunset was at 20:21 - that's golden enough for me! Vital stats: Pentax k-r with 18-55mm zoom @ 18mm, 1/80, f/9, ISO 800. Circular polariser. No post except to straighten the horizon a little.
Thanks :-)

- Dave


I took the day to visit Joshua Tree National Park and decided on going to Arch Rock during the golden hours to get some photos. Having seen some spectacular rock formations through out the day seeing this was the best treat of all.

EOS 20D Canon 28-135mm f4 IS lens ISO 100 f/8 @ 1/13 sec tripod mounted.

- Joseph Baltazar


Pentax K-x
55-300 Kit lens

Not much of a story here really. The sun was going down and I noticed the warm sunlight coming through the horses mane and tail.

- Shawn Nicholas


For this photo, I used a Sony DSC-W290, and a Gorilla Pod. Unfortunately, this is a very basic consumer camera, so there are very few variables that I can change. Nevertheless, on that camera, there is a function that I call "HDR Mode", since it takes 3 pictures at different exposures. Unfortunately, I don't have much control over the advanced settings, so it was automatically choosing the exposure, shutter speed, aperture and so on. For all 3 of the photos, the f-stop was f/8, the ISO was 80, the focal length was 5mm, and the max aperture was 3.43.

The exposure and the shutter speed changed for every photo. The first photo, which was the brightest, had a 1/30 shutter speed, and a +1 exposure, the second one had a 1/60 shutter speed and a +/- 0 exposure, and the last one, which was the darkest had a 1/125 shutter speed and a -1 exposure.

So the story: the morning after I read about this competition, I got up at 5am, to go catch a picture of the sun rising over the train. If everything worked out perfectly, the sun would have risen at the same time as the train passed. I set up my camera onto a gorilla pod, and put it into an hdr mode, wanting to take a picture of the sunrise when the train passed. However, I screwed up, and instead took 3 pictures of the train at different exposures. Yet worse, when the train passed, the sun was barely over the horizon, and everything around me, including the train, was lit up by light coming from the dusk. After 3 failed attempts at taking a picture of the train, and waiting over an hour lying on the freezing ground, I decided to go home and see what I could do with the photos. On the way back, I snapped a quick HDR photo of the rails, which eventually turned out to be the photo that I chose for this competition. Then I took advantage of the holidays and slept for several extra hours.


PS: if you actually choose to use my photo, please only write my name in as Sasha I, instead of my full name.

- Sasha


For this challenge, I decided to goto the beach and see what kind of shots I could get at golden hour. I chose this shot out of the set because I liked how the color of the sand is affected by the golden hour, and the long shadow of me being cast on the beach, while taking the photo.

The picture was shot with a Canon 7D, using a 24-105 f4/L Lens. The camera settings were ISO 400 f/8 1/125.

- Robert Nakama


Nikon d80

- Henrik Paales