Took this in HK this weekend! It was my first time there, loved the contrast of the old double decker trams and the ultra modern architecture.
Nikon D90
0.7 Sec at f/16 ISO 320

- Lorenzo Fo


On Sunday I came across a group of pigeons while driving. I recalled having seen many bird pics and although panning in AI servo mode is a common practice, I could not recall seeing blurring of backgrounds in bird pics. So I stopped the car and decided to try panning and getting blurr backgrounds against the pigeons. Of course shooting against the sky was a dismal failure 'coz there was nothing to blurr !! However, I continued from different angles with the singular intent to get a sharp image with a blurr to convey motion, so I kept the pigeons eye in focus at all time. I ended up with this one where the pigeon itself is an object of stillness and motion. Its a liberal interpretation of the theme- not exactly a man-made vehicle but perhaps "body" as the "vehicle of the birds soul"? Not exactly a sharp foreground & blurred background but a sharp body & its blurred wings.
Apparatus : Canon 7D, EF 70-200 mm f/4L, 1/800 s, ISO 400 (had to do noise reduction besides cropping, contrast & saturation)

- Mari Sharma


This weekend I had the chance of catching some guys having fun with a racing car doing drifts at high speed.
Since I didn't have a ND filter with me and the sun was shining a lot which helped with the smoke, I thought about using a very small aperture. The idea was to use a slower shutter speed, and define the background blur due to the movement and not the usual out of focus bokeh.
I was far way and they were not aware of my presence. But at the end I was luck to shoot the raising fingers of adrenaline!
I really enjoyed this challenge because I've never tried this kind of isolation technique before.

Canon 550D
Canon EF-S 55-250mm at 135mm with IS off
AI Focus AF
1/30 sec.

- Filipe Soares


Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: 35 prime
ISO: 1600
Exposure: 1/10 sec at f/1.8
Flash: none

Saturday night was a Pirates, Pinups, and Polo Fundraiser event for Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club. Wandered around the mini polo court and enjoyed a few free shots if pirate rum before I convinced a cute pinup polo pirate away from the kissing booth and out on to the floor to photograph. She showed off her mad skills and rode around while I captured her speedy self. Pretty sure she took a few boys out on the court that night after this photograph.

- Alexandra Wasko


Showing off someone's quirkiness is not easy to get on camera but I think I got this one. I shot this with my Canon T3i, using a 50mm lens.

Exposure – 1/15
F-Stop – f9.0
ISO – 100

- Tracy Miller


Came back late after a nice weekend out of town. As I already had my gear with me, I decided to go take some night pictures in a trendy area of Quebec City. I park my car. I get my camera to set it up. The battery is dead. I must had left my camera on the last time I put it back in my bag. I have a AA adapter for my battery grip, I try two different sets of battery but none will turn on the camera so I got back to my place. I put the battery on charge. I almost decided to stay home but I had to participate to the challenge this time. No more excuses. So I got back in town and took a couple of pictures of passing cars. After a couple of unsuccessful tries and good shots of totally uninteresting taxis, I got that nice sport car that came showing off.

Canon 7D, EFS 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM @ 27mm f/4.5, 1/4sec, ISO 800. Adjustments with Adobe Lightroom 3.

- SĂ©bastien Kerjean


Recently some girls in my city created a new roller derby team, and I'm something like the "official" photographer of the team, so I decided to give it a try with the challenge in one of the trainings. It was kind of hard, because it was at night and the light conditions were very poor, even the lens didn't help a lot (a wider aperture lens could be helpful) but at last I got one decent shot. Pentax K-5, Tamron 70-300mm, f/5.6, 1/10, ISO 4000.

- Manuel Velasco


This photo was shot with a Nikon D300 and Nikkor 80-200 2.8 Exposure data: Focal length 200mm, aperture f/9, shutter speed 1/250 sec.

I started shooting motorcycles on track after riding and instructing on track myself for years. My photos were a hit, so I have turned it into a side business. This is a friend and local racer, and the track is Firebird Raceway near Phoenix, AZ.

- Dean Rachwitz


Camera: Canon T3i
Lens: Kit 18-55mm EF-S II
Focal Length: 18mm
ISO: 100
Shutter: 5
F#: 1/18

This was a setup. I had the challenge in mind, and wanted to capture something that wasn't a car or a train or a plane. A few of us were enjoying a sunny day after having some brunch. So, I had my girlfriend throw a tennis ball against the house for awhile, while I played around with settings. I found it really difficult at first to find a setting that worked. For me, the toughest part was finding a distance and focal length that allowed me to track the ball while keeping a continuous shutter going. Continuous shooting was the key here, I think. If I had tried to just time it, I would have been there all afternoon. Also, even though it isn't the most interesting subject matter, I was really happy when I finally got the shot I needed. I did a little post processing in Picasa, including a crop and some color correction

- Leo DeBoe


Captured during a walk through Boston after a day full of shooting local bands and the Freedom Rally. These guys came tearing around a corner and I was ready.
5D Mark III, 50mm f/1.4 @ f/2.0, ISO 400, 1/30 sec.

- Chris Anderson


My son turned two yesterday, so to celebrate we threw him an astronaut party. I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to try this challenge. All kids his age love to endlessly spin around, so I didn't have to beg. I had the camera around my neck, lifted him up and started spinning while his grandpa fired away on the remote shutter release. It took several attempts before I found one sharp enough. If I had spent a little more time getting my settings right and finding a better way to keep the camera still (translation, if I didn't feel like puking after the 5th attempt) I could have probably got a sharper shot than what I'm submitting. My son actually wanted me to keep going but I was feeling that the Mars cake was not going to stay inside my stomach had I kept going. But I'm pretty happy with the result. Seeing him in his orange astronaut suit slightly unzipped, revealing his Star Wars t-shirt, he really looks like he's on his way to somewhere that's very far away and he's heading there very fast. Who knows, maybe one day he'll have the right stuff...

Technical Stuff: Canon 7D, 17-85mm @ 17mm, f/13, 1/15 sec, ISO 100

- Jeff Soto


Camera: Canon 5DMKII
Lens: Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8
Flash: Canon 580 (Full power-1/1)
ISO 100 | 28mm | f/20 | 1/30 sec

As soon as I checked out the challenge, I instantly knew what I wanted to do...MERRY-GO-ROUND! I grabbed my gear, grabbed my model, and headed to the only park I knew of that still had one. We took a ton of photos on it and got dizzydrunk before she noticed this rad zip-slider thing behind us and hopped on it. We then took a ton more photos and this was the last shot we got before we both decided it was too hot and called it quits.

I had to pull the flash out as the sun was behind her a bit peeping out of the clouds. It really helped to freeze her in place as well. The flash was set approximately 5' to the right of the camera on a stand about 6' high and being remotely triggered by some eBay triggers.


- Isaac Ladd

This was taken with my Nikon D5100, 15-55mm lens @ 24mm, shot in
shutter priority set at 1/25, ISO 100, f/13.


I had a lot of fun with this challenge. It was really easy to see
decent results, but so difficult to get the perfect shot! This one was
the best of the bunch from my weekend trip to Portland. In the middle
of downtown, on a decently busy street, this guy comes carting down
the road seemingly without a care in the world. I liked the design on
the guy's cart as well. This man just seemed to embody Portland for
me. This shooting challenge has definitely got me craving more blurred
motion shots!

- Brent Sargent


I went out shooting on 9/15 with the intention of taking photos of airplanes landing at San Jose (CA) airport, but found that the park I had always thought might be perfect just wasn't suitable for airplane shots because of the directly overhead flight path and somewhat infrequent arrival schedule. Therefore, I was spending most of my time taking photos of flowers and trees and would change over for an airplane whenever one came into range. I was intentionally shooting in shutter priority and tweaking shutter speed because my real goal was to get some long exposures once the sun went golden (though I had already determined I wouldn't get anything really good anyway). When this Southwest 737 went over, I didn't realize I was standing under a tree until I found my "Happy Accidents" when reviewing the shots after the fact. Sure, it's not 100% sharp, but it's pretty darn close—especially since I was panning over my head.

Shot details: Canon 7D with my EF50mm f1.2L. Shutter speed 1/15 seconds at f=11, ISO 100. No digital manipulation has been performed outside of the conversion of Raw to JPG.

- Nathan Andress


This photo was taken at the Time Square(I know its hard to see it). Originally i was planning to take yellow cab, carriage or NYC ricksha, those guys were just an accident. After looking trough several dozens pictures i decided to go with this one. This photo has more energy, drive, and motion than other i pictures i took. I finished it in Adobe LightRoom. Technical part; Sony nex-5N, no brand name e-mount to Canon EF adapter, sigma 18 - 50 mm, Genus Vari, ND filter. ISO 200, F2.8 Exposure 1/8.

- Georgiy Tomarev


Canon EOS 5D mk II, lens: 17mm-40mm, ISO: 160, f11, 5 second exposure.

I recently build a "rig" for taking pictures of cars, and a couple of my friends and I went out the other night to test it out. We were taking pictures in a parking garage by us and as we were cleaning up, we got kicked out by a guy who worked there who said that the guy who had the shift before him might have called the cops on us, so needless to say we hurried up an left. I used photoshop to delete the pole that was in the image originally.

- Scott Ruel


My brother is the race director for the Trooper Challenge - a North Carolina Highway Patrol sponsored 5K mud run with military style obstacles benefiting the Eve Carson scholarship fund at the University of North Carolina. He called and asked if I would shoot the event as his other full time photographers did not get back to him. I woke up early Saturday morning and drove out of state for the race. The event was packed with over 600 runners all of whom were about to be completely covered in gooey red mud. Well the other photographers decided to show, but I noticed they were all stationing themselves at one obstacle or another. So, being a runner myself I decided to lace up my running shoes, grab my gear and run the course with the participants. I opted out of the nasty obstacles, but I got some great shots the others photographers missed. Somewhere after the big hills, mud slide, army crawl, berm/water/pipe crossings, round hay bale stack and the four cars to crawl over I remembered the shooting challenge. I only took 5 shots, but I liked the way this one turned out. It was difficult because the runners were not moving as fast as a car or a motorcycle so it was difficult getting enough motion blur. This guy was determined and was charging up the hill.

This shot was taken on a full frame Sony A900 with a 20 year old Minolta 70-210mm lens. F/29, 1/50 sec, 200 ISO and 130mm focal length.

If you are within reasonable driving distance of Saxapahaw, NC this time next year you should give the mud run a try. You will have a blast. Check it out on facebook or at


- Russell Darnell

This was not an easy challenge. I took zillions of shots with most being too blurry to make out anything. Getting the right shutter speed coupled with the right amount of camera movement was quite difficult.


Tech Info:
Canon EOS REBEL T1i, Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens, 1/20, f/22, 50mm, ISO 100

- Matthew Johnson


Canon 60D ISO100 18-135mm lens @62mm f/13 1/160s

I shot this at Road Atlanta during the historic racing series this weekend. A great event with a variety of cars and bikes of all different racing classes. This was shot taken at turn 6, which is a decently hard braking area after a short straight heading into a sharp turn 7 and the back straight. This is a favorite shooting spot for me at this track because you can get pretty close racing line and get some good unobstructed shots. I took a wide shot on one of the first laps as the pack was still close together, caught the first bike perfect with the nose perfectly in focus and gradually blurring toward the back of the bike with slower rider completely blurred just behind. Though not the most vintage of bikes I thought it showed off the motion blur effect quite well.

- Casey Gipson


My nephew's birthday party was this past Saturday, so I thought I could get some action shots of the kids running, but that did not work out very well. I thought hard about what I could shoot and finally realized there was a tire swing there. I crammed myself (a 6' tall man) and my other nephew Trey (a much smaller 10 year old) into the tire swing and had my brother spin us pretty quickly. As you can tell, it didnt come out 100% sharp (and I had a couple that did) but I loved his expression and pure joy in this shot. It was one of the last of the group of ~100 shots and happened when I leaned too far back and the tire bucked him almost into my lap.
Here's the specs:
Canon T3i with 18-135 kit lens
100 ISO
1/15 s at F22 (and still overexposed since it was the middle of the day)

Tweaked slightly in Lightroom to get the overexposure down a little.

- Billy Vardeman


This time, I really wanted to participate in the challenge. So I got my cam (D800 and my 24-70mm lens) and tried during a walk in our village a few driving car shot. I don't know what was wrong on that day but then 2 cars turned over and stopped by and the people told me off, taking pictures of them and insisted to delete their pictures. So I deleted them.
After that i didn't feel very confident to shoot more on the road and I tried other things on a swing, but unfortunately not with great success. So here is my best shot of the road pictures which remained after the deletion.
F16 1/30 ISO 100 24mm

- Markus Enderlin


That's our daughter from today's game. Their team won 9-1. The "1" was from her because the refs made her play for the other team for the 1st half since they were short 2 kids. What a great way to practice longer exposure with movement by watching these kids go back and forth. Overcast allowed for f22 at 1/40 sec with a Canon 60D and 24-70 2.8L.

- Lisa Sinn Remnet


After watching Premium Rush in the theaters, my roommate and I got inspired to take a Premium Rush Motion picture for this contest.
Jeff McGehee - fixie rider
Sarah Beth Hawkins - car driver
Camera Info:
Canon 7D, Canon 16-35/f2.8 II
Picture Info:
1/6, f 11, 160 iso, 20 mph

- Tim Nummy


My son has gotten to the age where getting spun around and feeling dizzy is just about the most fun he can possibly imagine having. Well, this evening, I had my camera with me, taking shots of him playing in the backyard and was reminded of the shooting challenge. I took quite a few awful shots before we finally got around to the settings that yielded this. I had to strap the camera across my chest and let it rest just above my waist. I set the shutter to a 2-second delay, clicked and spun both of us around, trying madly to align my son to the lens before the shutter snapped, as the centrifugal forces were pulling them away from my body. I'm sure he wouldn't have minded a few more spins, but I was glad I was able to get the shot when we did. We both had a blast. Thanks.

Canon EOS 7D, EF-S 17-55mm, 1/25, f/7.1, ISO 100

- Peter Hyun


It was a bright and sunny Sunday, the sea was not so angry that day and Larry's Band of Merry Men had swept the series on the seas. Twelve men went into the water that day, only 11 came out (sorry Michael Johnson). I tell you they were 45' if they were an inch, never seen the likes of them before. Here's two swimmin', bow legg'd women.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: 100-400 IS L
F: 18
EXP: 1/20
Fuel: coffee

- Hardy Chambliss


Do you have any idea how hard it is to shoot with 50 speed film in the shadows of a forest on a rapidly moving train that's bouncing all over hells half acre? Still, I really liked the way this one turned out. I just wish the train itself was in a bit more focus.

Shot on my Canon Rebel TI with my Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 Aspherical lens on
Fujichrome Velvia RVP 50

- Tony


It was taken at the Phoenix Park races, which is a mixed (competitive, demonstration) free motor sport event held in Europe's largest city parkland, here in Dublin and this year was the first year I got to introduce my 3 boys to motorsport (delighted to say they are converts to the sights, smells and sounds of live motorsport!) I took a lot of photos that would fit the brief on the day, given the available subjects, but what I like about this one is, to me at least, it conveys the moderate speed of a vintage car at full pelt, along with a slightly "Toad of Toad Hall" look of a proud and happy driver.

Shot on Nikon D7000, with Nikkor 200mm Zoom at full length. 1/125 on a nicely lit day (bright but with some cover) so ISO 400, F6.3 which was very forgiving on a moving subject.

- Paul Baguley


Greetings, I'm from India. Not entirely sure whether this entry fits the rules but nevertheless here goes. I used my Samsung Galaxy GT-i5801 cellphone to take this picture. The thumb on my right hand is the subject here while I used my left hand to take the shot. The technique used was simple. I positioned the cellular camera onto my right arm and used my left hand to click the picture while spinning counter-clockwise. The whole process took about 5 minutes and this was the last shot I took before my world started spinning.

Camera Information:

Equipment Make: Samsung
Camera Model: Samsung
Color Represenation: sRGB
Shutter Speed: 0.98 sec
Lens Aperture: F/2.8
Flash Mode: No Flash
Focal Length: 4 mm
Exposure Time: 1/33 sec
ISO Speed: ISO-50
Metering Mode: Center Weighted Average


- Denver D'souza

This was shot with my Nikon D90 using a 18-55mm VR Nikkor Lens using an ISO 250, f/22, and the shutter was 1/60.
I was rummaging through some ideas for motion blur when my friend over hears me and says to me, "me and a couple buds are going to do some dirt biking, why don't you come by?" To which i replied, "totally that sounds awesome". After shoveling holes and making dirt ramps for about an hour we were finally able to get the show on the road.


- Anthony Khaletsky

Sony Nex 5n
Sigma 30mm
Iso 100
1/30 Sec

This was kind of funny. I brought two of my students out for a photography class and we were trying to take pictures of cars as they passed by practicing this exact technique just yesterday. Our school is a small private one on a somewhat rural road in Maine. After taking pictures of 3 or 4 passing cars I checked my LCD to review them. After seeing all of the drivers were hillbillies and were staring right at us I decided it was time to go back inside.


- Thomas McMahon

this image was photographed using a canon 5d with a 24-105 canon L lens; i was also using a mono pod to keep the subject as sharp as possible shooting at 1/15th of a sec. I had the jumper do the jump about half a dozen times to get the right shot and perfect timing. when i panned, i didn't do a left to right pan, i wanted something a bit different and panned it with a sweeping motion. enjoy.


camera canon 5d
lens 24-105 (shot at 40mm)
iso 100

- Lians Jadan


Well I went to the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal and a shoot a couple of picture like these. I wanted to make a nice effect, we don't see these kind of picture in the journals etc. Canon 5D mark II with a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 (manual focus, was to infinity) ISO 50 and 1/50. I changed the aperture to get a exposure between 1/15 and 1/50 so I can't remember the aperture, won't show in EXIF because it's a manual aperture too. I did 1/30 sharp images, you can go see them on .

- Olivier Martel