Here our goal was to rip apart the fabric of space time using steel wool as our catalyst. Unfortunately, all we were able to do was unleash a flamboyant, German erotic dancer from the year 6969. Sorry, but the only thing we gained out of this photo shoot was the knowledge that the future is totally fucked. - Paul Wingo

Shot on a 7d, Tokina 11-16 wide Angle, f/20, 30 second shutter speed, ISO 200.


I amped up the technique shown in the tutorial, generating massive spark showers with six pieces of steel wool that were fastened to a metal cage. After lighting the wool with a blow torch, I stood on a ladder and swung the steel wool around on a six foot rope. The resulting image is quite a bit different then the original technique. Whereas the original one made the appearance of a white ring surrounded by sparks, my technique made the appearance of a white spark shower with a tunnel going through it. Pretty cool stuff. - Peter Glitsch


30 second exposure
ISO 80


Panasonic FZ-35
Long sleeved, black clothing
Home made cage
Steel wool
Blow torch


As a last minute shoot, I went with a simple photo but made sure to
get the road and the stars in it as well so it would provide more
depth. I asked my girlfriend if I could borrow her Whisk for this
contest. I briefly explained what I wanted to do with it and she
agreed to let me use it. She came along with me to shoot this photo
and I ended up feeling really bad about semi-destroying her whisk. We
had a fun time doing this though and I'm buying her a new whisk! - Richard Jost

Technical details: Canon 7D EF-S 10-22mm @ 10mm f/4.0 - 12.0 second
shutter and 1000 ISO


This weeks contest really captured my attention because I had seen wire wool pictures before and have been meaning to give it a go for some time. This weeks challenge gave me the push I needed to go out and take some pics of it.

I went to my local Wilkinsons on Saturday and got my wirewool, whisk, marigolds and some string. So Sunday night I dragged my girlfriend out with me into a freezing cold car park to give it a go. - Robert Newitt


I used my Canon 500D with the 18-55 lens, 30 second exposure, f/22, ISO 200

This was shot across the street from my school, in a gravel parking lot. You can see the tower of the church on campus in the background . Everything was pretty basic, sticking to the video tutorial provided. - Spencer Lund


Nikon D3000. f/11. 20 sec. ISO-100

My buddy and I were up skiing in Sugarbush, Vermont over the weekend and decided to take a drive out into Waitsfield, Vermont to experiment with the steel wool. We knew of this interesting wooden lean-to type structure so that's where we started. After numerous attempts, battling the cold, and a dying lighter we managed to get this image. I shined my head lamp on the lean-to for a little fill light. Overall a really fun challenge. - Steve Twardzik
Shot on a Canon 5d Mark II at f8, 14 second exposure, and iso 400.


After following these Gizmodo Shooting Challenges for many weeks I finally decided to get on board with this latest challenge. I told some friends about it and with skepticism got them on board. We first began experimenting the technique under bridges and hidden parking lots to avoid run-ins with the police. Around midnight we snuck into the park and hurried to capture a few pictures in the Gene Harris Band Shell. Overall it was a fun assignment. However we did have one casualty... a glove that had a hot ember land on it and burn through it rather quickly before I could stomp it out. -Tim Welch

Equipment: Nikon D90, Tokina 11-16mm

Settings: f/8, 20 sec., ISO 200, 14mm focal length


I had such a blast with this challenge. At first I was a little nervous but I was soon relaxed once we got going. My friend Katrina gladly stood under the sparks to create this photo and I'm so happy she did because I thought It came out great. - Tracy Miller

I shot this with my Canon T3i, focal length was 58mm, an exposure of 30 sec at F-8 and an ISO of 100.


I've been wanting to do this for a while and I finally got the chance. I walked out onto a frozen lake close by and froze my hands trying to light the wool. After freezing and a little blood, I got a couple of pictures. I am planning on doing this again quite soon too. - Trey Mortensen

Shot with my Canon T2i, 28-135mm lens, 28mm, ISO 100, f/3.5, 25 sec


We've been working on a special magazine issue called Sex and the Steel City where get to explore more risque topics and take some high quality photos as well! After seeing the shooting challenge, it gave me inspiration to shoot a portrait using steel wool for our cover shot, so we planned to shoot around 10pm on campus friday night when everyone had gone home for the reading week break. Luckily we didn't invite too much attention and the models were able to brave the cold Canadian weather. I was able to pick up all the items from the dollar store for about $5 and nothing caught on fire during the making of these shots. Thanks to the models Ian and Brandi for doing such a great job and Bahram for spinning the burning wool and Jon and Renee for assisting with the shot! - Tyler Hayward

Gear used:
Canon 5d Mark II on Induro AKB1 Tripod
Canon 85mm f/1.2L II
2x Canon 580ex2 on Lastolite tri sync bracket hand boomed over the models @ 1/2 power each
Cactus v5's for trigger
Camera Settings: f/8, ISO 400, 4 second exposure