This photo is of our newest family member Harry. It was taken last week in the back yard, it was freezing outside and he just sits next to you waiting to go back in.
I chose to put the picture in black and white because of the shadow outline of himself, I thought it made the photo less distracting.
I picked to have the focus point of the picture to be on the grass at the bottom, so Harry would be out of focus to match his shadow.
Taken with a Nikon D5000 (Nick Name: Phil), and our new 50mm f/1.8.

-Ron Donocoff


Every day I am going to class I look at these train tracks and I always tell myself I am going to photograph them, but since I do not have zoom lens I am not able to get a shot of just the tracks. So this week I decided I was going to walk on the "plank" and take a risky shot with my 50mm of the tracks up close, and here's the result. The sign made me feel as if it was talking to me, because of the warning on it, over all I was very pleased with the result.

f7/ SS 200
ISO 100

-Ian de la Cruz


Canon Rebel T2i
Canon 50mm EF lens
Aperture: f/2.8
Shutter: 1/3200
ISO: 100

I went for a drive to find a good subject since the setting sun was providing excellent light. As it set, however, the clouds were blocking much of its golden glow, so I chose to put it in the frame rather than behind it. I lined up the old power line at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical thirds , with the snow taking up the bottom third of the frame. This is taken at a railway crossing where the tracks stretched into the distance under the snow near Timmins, Ontario.

-Devon Clark


I've been meaning to check out this local castle for a few weeks and thought this challenge would be a good opportunity. This photo is an HDR composite of 3 images of Kip's Castle in NJ. Canon EOS Digital Rebel, EF-S 18-55mm lens — 1/60 exposure, f5.6; 1/125 exposure, f8; and 1/250 exposure, f11. HDR tone mapping was done in Photomatix.

-Jamie Babbitt


This challenge seemed to be trickier than I thought it would be. With so little direction, it was so open, I couldn't decide on what I wanted to do. I put it off too long and just decided to do a nice tree branch picture. The colors were so perfect. So here you go.

Canon 7D
50mm 1.4
ISO 100
1/2500 sec

-Nick Badger


Fujifilm s100fs — F7.1 — 1/800" — ISO100 — 63mm

"Gull and Tern"

The simple answers are the best. I took over 200 pictures for this challenge and looked at any number of potential subjects. In fact, I considered so many possibilities that I started to see the third-frame brackets in my sleep. But, at the end of the day, my best picture was just two birds standing next to each other at the edge of the water. The picture was taken in the early afternoon on Sunday at the beach in Satellite Beach Florida.


-Mike Case

The following shot pretty much follows the specific rule and benefits a bit from some heat shimmer/cooling on a truly frigid day.


Varied the crop to test the rule, many times - but the small white window only had some narrative value when the rule was applied.

Canon 5D Mark II - F22, 400 mm zoom and a tad too high ISO 800 ;-)

-Daniel Jones


This weekend I visited some friends in Cape Cod, and got the opportunity to go out and take photos in both the sunshine and the snow. I ended up liking the snow shots a lot more, because I thought they were far more dramatic. This photo was the result of seeing how far out on the frozen mud we could get without sinking. It was low tide, so we managed to get all the way out past the muscles and oysters to a sand bar. My friend Aaron decided to touch the water (to prove a point, I suppose). He regretted it immediately; the water was not warm. As he was doing this I tried to line the shore up with the bottom third and put Aaron on the right third.

Taken with my Sony α33 and my fancy new 55-200mm zoom lens. ISO 100 in program auto.

-Mike Cousins


I used a camera on my phone. I took this picture while my cousin and I went walking out where we live. She was looking at the fields and was leaning on a tree. It was so peaceful and she was just acting like herself and was not really paying attention to anything but looking at the nature. The lighting was perfect and I just took a picture because it was just perfect.

-Kimberly Baney


When I first saw this challenge I knew that I wanted to take this picture. I had tried to get it earlier in the year, but I didn't have a tripod then and couldn't hold the camera still enough to get anything close to the effect that I wanted. I took this on a very cold Sunday morning in downtown Marietta, Ohio, in a public parking lot. I believe that the subject is an old lamp post that was cut down years ago. For those interested, inside this particular post is a well-hidden geocache. Taken with my Canon Rebel T3i, 2.5 sec at f/5.6, ISO 100, 135mm.

- Jason Pyles


Dear Giz,

This is my first Gizmodo shooting challenge, but I believe in the power of the rule of thirds, so I wanted to participate. I went for a walk on the High Line in New York and started taking photos of red berries on a small bush, when I noticed I was being watched by this small bird.

It knew right away that It was going to be my next subject, and modeled for me accordingly. Perhaps it had done this before? Either way, this was a success, and I will shoot again for the next challenge.


I shot this photo with my trusty Canon 50D, and used my Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM lens just before the sun started to set. My settings were an aperture of f5, ISO 250, and 1/30 shutter speed.

Thank You,

-Jonathan Ystad


I bought a new fisheye lens for my camera last week, so I was very excited to try it out. At a family gathering, I saw my aunt's cat playing near a bicycle in their field, and I was able to capture this moment. Vignetting and slight tonal changes done in Adobe Lightroom.

Camera: Canon T1i
Lens: Rokinon 8mm Fisheye
ISO: 400
Exposure Time: 5/294

-Ryan Clark


I just moved to El Paso to begin medical school in July of this year. This is one of the first really pretty places I found while on a scavenger hunt bike ride. It's become one of my favorite spots around town. It's a nice viewing area that allows you to see much of the city, its small downtown, and across the border into the infamous Juarez, Mexico. I'm relatively new to photography so I use a pretty basic Canon EOS Rebel T1i, EF-S 18-55mm lens. This seemed like a fun first shooting challenge to try out, so I raced up to this spot to beat the sunset during a study break. 1/80 exposure, f3.5, ISO 800

Also, I'm not sure if I sized the images correctly. I wasn't really sure how to get the dimensions just right.


-Taylor Yong


Shooting summary:

Nikon D300S
70-200 f/2.8 lens
ISO 400
f/2.8 @ 1/250 sec.
all releases obtained
photo taken at the Wantaugh Railroad Museum in Wantaugh, NY

"Katie and Hailey"

On a Tuesday night, Katie found out the grim news that her sister (who's husband was heading over to Afghanistan) was moving herself and her two-year-old daughter, Hailey, out of state. Two years ago, Katie's sister found herself pregnant at 18. As the oldest of the family by 12 years, Katie stepped up to help her sister care for the beautiful flaxen-haired child. Having no children of her own, Katie flourished as Hailey's aunt. Katie, a photographer herself, not only spent time helping her sister raise Hailey, she found a muse in the little girl and spent hours photographing her angelic face. When Katie found out Hailey and her sister were moving out of state, she knew she needed someone to capture their special bond and that is when I received the panicked phone call asking for my help. The two would be leaving on that Friday and there was no time to waste. I thought bringing Hailey to the train museum would keep her occupied as well as be an appropriate backdrop. So, with my antique suitcases in tow, I met the two blonde beauties for their final photo shoot. Unfortunately, it was a cold and windy day and there was no time to reschedule. Not knowing if it was the weather or the intuition of my young model feeling the sadness in her aunt, Hailey (who can usually light up a room with her smile) could not be coaxed into a grin. When Hailey finally fell apart, Katie went to comfort her as I snapped this picture. According to Katie, there were no words to describe how she felt when she viewed this image—she was overcome with emotion. As you can see, the 1/3 rule helps the viewer to be drawn to the "Mother and Child".


Once I read this shooting Challenge, I knew exactly where I wanted to head out for the shot. I've capture a shot similar to this one, but I love the colors in this one even more than the last time. The Rule of thirds is one of my favorite, and i often find myself shooting in this manner. I traveled to Santa Monica and walked the beach searching for the perfect guard tower. I had about 20 minutes of sunlight when I came across my chosen tower, about a mile south of the pier, which stood atop a little hill. I used the horizon as a reference for the lateral, and estimated a center point from the tower for the horizontal. I didn't throw down any sticks, and just eye'd this one. I didn't do any post on this, either.

Shot with a Canon Rebel EOS DSLR on 58mm lens

-Stanton Hunter


I recently bought my self a 70-300mm lens for Christmas and finally
had time to go out shooting. I was out at a local park taking pictures
and came across this bird sitting on a bush. It took me about 4 tries
and 30 minutes to get close enough to get the photo. I used my Fuji S2
Pro with a Nikon AF 70-300mm set at f/11 160sec and an ISO of 160. I
was also shooting in RAW. Once I got home I processed it in Photoshop
and did some color correction and sharpness adjustments in the RAW to
converter it. I was really happy with the results and performance of
my new lens so I decided to submit it.

-Michael Bailey


I thought the picture was very funny because of the fact that it was Dark Vader is a bad guy on the dark side withe a huge flower which represents him as a very happy,fun ,and bright and it is funny because it shows that even the darkest people in the world can have a sense of humor.

-Jayden Francois


I was on my way to work and spotted this apple at the train station. It stood out to me and I couldn't just pass it by as it sat straight up on a large sidewalk, being the only color in a sea of ugly grey concrete. Several people walked past looking at me like I was crazy while I was on the ground trying to get a good shot of this apple. It was also the first shot I took with my new ND Filter. The apple falls on the right vertical grid line and the shadow falls on the bottom horizontal grid line. While taking the picture I was only focused on getting the apple to fall into the rule of thirds. After reviewing the picture I realized the shadow also falls into the rule. I guess my composition sub-conscience was responsible for that. No post production editing, Only resizing to fit the 2560x1600 size requirement.

Canon T2i
ISO 100
1/800 shutter
18mm (18-55 Kit lens)

-Shawn Miller


Canon 60d with 24-105mm L lens
59 sec, f/11 @ISO200

Long exposures were the goal for my weekend. A recent purchase of a 10 stop ND filter made me seek out the only interesting water in Idaho.....rivers. Idaho is well known for its whitewater so I set out to capture a long exposure of not only the water but the unique ice formations that crop up this time of year. This shot caught my eye as i liked the way the rock was barely visible through the ice that was encrusted upon its top. The moving water of the river caught the reflecting sun from the opposite bank lending the wonderful colors to not only the river surface but the ice formation as well.

- Micah Rydman


I was sitting on the couch watching the Ravens and I saw this picture of my wife Anna and one of our dogs Jeri (a 5 yr old chocolate lab) the eyes are why I sent it in just really creepy.

Equipment is a iPhone 4s on standard settings.


-Rick Anger


This picture was taken on Sunday January 15th at 5:31 pm.

Taken with the iPhone 4 rear camera.

Short Story:
The weather had given Lee's Summit a break today, the ugly snow has given way to 60 degree temperatures and traces of snow remain. It was a great day for golf and dirt biking.


- Zach Kurth

I'll be mighty glad when the green and sun of spring come back. Until then, guess I'll just have to make pretent the flowers are blooming i guess.


Minolta A55
Tamron 70-200mm lens @130mm
f/32 1.6 second shutter speed with manual exposure.

I went with the longer exposure as I took the shot late in the day when the already less-than-stellar sunlight was starting to slip behind the trees and houses off to the right and back, I thought the blown out look served to magnify the stark bleakness of winter. I ended up with a bit more green in the grass than I wanted but resisted the urge to brush those back brown in photoshop, trying to keep the image as true to original as possible.

-Marvin Francois


I tried a few things indoors before ultimately deciding to go outside for this photo challenge. I was going to walk around my neighborhood to find something to shoot. I tried a tree that was in my front yard before noticing that we had some really nice looking flowers in bloom. I laid down on my grass and used a few books as a tripod (I haven't had my camera very long and haven't purchased a tripod yet). I shot several photos with multiple flowers in the shot but really liked this one with just one.

Nikon D3100
18mm-55mm lens 1:3.5-5.6, 18 mm focal length
1/50 sec exposure time
ISO: 100
No flash

-Jerardo Arciniega


Camera: Nikon D5100
Lens: Nikkor 55-200 VR
Shutter: 1/1000 s
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 400

I am a new D5100 owner and am already loving it. Giz was a great help in making my first real SLR commitments. Many thanks.

For this shot I drove to my local international airport and DID NOT *cough*cough* hop ANY fences or barbed wire to get near said airport's runway for a clear line of sight.


The photo is out of focus. A friend of mine had borrowed the camera only the day before and had reassigned my AE-L / AE-F key and never bothered to tell me. Hearing the AF motor spool with no lock upon half shutter caused me to immediately fear the worst. So, rather than miss the moment and pause to troubleshoot I switched to manual focus and took the shot with a frantic hand fondling the focus ring. It was not until later that I checked all of the changed settings. Noob error.

All in all I had a nice afternoon, capturing airplanes and not the attention of airport security.

All the best to you,

- David Bulfin


Sony A55 28mm w/ 2.8 aperture 1/4000sec w/ 3200ISO (wow!)

Initially, I had taken another picture for the challenge.
However, a sleepover resulted in a much more interesting photo.

On my way to work, I made a quick dash inside for something I forgot, once inside I was presented with this boy, the fateful recipient of the the "First Sleeper Prank" that involved some sort of contest between his older brother and best friend.
I wanted to take a picture of the kid for posterity, against the mother's wishes, and then decide on the matter later. I snapped a couple of quick photos without adjusting from the night configurations I normally have my camera set on, which resulted in a very interesting picture.
In case anyone is interested, no punishments were handed down due to no hard feelings from the recipient.


Thanks for another great contest!

-Rick Villareal


I shot this picture at the World Wildlife Zoo in Surprise, AZ while visiting my sisters and their foster kids. I had my EOS Rebel T2i on fully auto as I was trying to play cool aunt with my foster nephew. This shot was taken one handed while holding a very large three year old in the other arm. He made me promise to get lots of pictures of the zebras because they're his favorite. I tried to get the zebra's eye roughly a third of the way down and in, but I didn't get too fussy about it.

-Marion Cotesworthhay


Shot with an iPhone 3GS. All technical info is in the EXIF data. I decided today (1/15/2012) would be a nice day to take a bike ride, so I braved the 40ºF weather and headed out. I decided to grab my iPhone (only camera I had with me) out of my jersey pocket and take a picture for this contest while riding the bike. I rode my bike at about 25mph with no hands while taking this picture. Image taken on the Cherry Creek Trail, Denver, CO.

-Isaac Gesundheit


Hello Gizmodo!

I took this picture using a Canon 7D with the 17-55mm f/2.8 EF-S lens. The camera was set to ISO 200, 1/400 sec, f/7.1 at 17mm.

I was walking through a park on a 22 degree Sunday in New Jersey when I saw this birdhouse. Usually birds build nests from twigs on branches, not houses from plywood on the side of a tree. What makes this picture interesting is that the birdhouse should blend in with the trees given its color and texture, but when using the rule of thirds, the viewer can't miss the seemingly camouflaged structure.


I had fun,

- Dan DiMartino


The Challenge this week reminded me of a shot I'd taken of Oxford's Christ Church college a few months ago, and I knew right away that I wanted to try and repeat it (paying more attention to the Rule Of Thirds this time round). After experimenting with a few different angles (much to the annoyance of various pedestrians/tourists), I settled on this one, which also captured a lone pigeon soaring overhead. This photo also goes to show that the weather in England isn't as dreary as you might think it is, even on a January afternoon! Canon EOS 550D, ISO100, 18mm, -1EV, f/3.8, 1/2000.

- Nick Hale


Hi gizmodo!

This is my first entry ever!
My photo was took with my canon Rebel XS and the 18-55mm kit lens.
Aperture: f 5.6
Shutter speed: 1/60
Iso: 800
A little bit of exposition tweaking in iPhoto.

I took the photo inside of a car during this saturday evening in Montreal. The day started good by a little visit at the ikea store with my boyfriend to buy some stuff. So 536$ later, we were back home. After hours of furniture building, we came to conclusion that none of the stuff we bought was fitting! Crap! So a couple more hours to unbuild everything and to repackage the stuff. The day was completely lost. But fortunately we had a really amazing sunset!


-Marjorie Falardeau