Shot Caller Times Your Drinking Games to the Last Second

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If ever a gadget is going to promote responsible drinking, then the Shot Caller is it. And let's face it, when you're playing drinking games with your buddies, it is all about being responsible and drinking up when you are told to drink up. Made for the Power Hour and Century Club drinking games, the Shot Caller prepares you for when it is time to drink, with red, amber and green lights. You can set it for either an hour or 100 minutes, and it comes with four regulation-sized shot glasses. The financial cost is $10. [The Shot Caller via DVice]


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Uhh, who the hell wants to clip together 60-second clips of 60 songs? Seriously? And you don't sit there and watch the timer count down, it lets you know with a beep... I'd be willing to bet you've never personally put together a 60 song playlist with 60 songs cut down to 60 seconds each. And if you did, the songs would probably all suck. Shot Caller >>> your idea. That means the Shot Caller's better, if you didn't get that.