Show Us Your Epic Sound System That You've Wasted Money On

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For our Listening Test photo contest this week, I want to see photos of your awesome sound system, be it in your living room, car, boat, office, or anywhere else.


Take a photo of your setup and email it to me at with Audio Setup in the subject line. Name your file FirstnameLastname.jpg with whatever name you want used as credit. Send it in by Friday morning and I'll post the top 3 epic setups then let you ogle the rest of the best in our Gallery of Champions. Get to it!

Listening Test: It's music tech week at Gizmodo.


Dave Gibson, a friend of mine before he passed away, owned his own record label ("Moxie Records" in Springfield, Oregon) had an amazing setup all based on vinyl like this. As nearly everyone here knows, you can definitely tell the difference between vinyl and CD's — and I am not talking about the pops and scratches we all characterize vinyl with. However, modern music is about convenience not about quality, so there are very few Dave Gibson's remaining in this world since almost all of us just carry around MP3 players and hook it up to questionable receivers that are judged by whether they have an official iPod dock on them. While I expect more than a few joke pictures to be sent in, I guess I also expect very few audiophile photos like the one above, if any. That said - I hope Giz commenters surprise me.