On the web page for Shure's newly announced SE110 earphones, the new lowest rung of the successful SE line, the price is listed as $119. But according to a press release that came out today at IFA, these babies will cost $99 when they appear. It's a very low stoop indeed for the makers of ridiculously expensive—but oh-so-sweet sounding—earbuds. The nice thing for iPhone users is that the jack was trimmed down specifically to fit it, so that you can listen to music, say on an airplane, without buying Shure's $40 adapter. (You would still need it for taking calls.)

I have used the SE210 for a few months now, and they are great, but at $149, probably still too pricey. I will be a fan of the SE110 only if it comes with the squishy noise-isolating memory foam that makes its predecessors so damn comfortable and peaceful. It is hard to tell looking at the specs what they stripped out going down from the SE210. The only way to really find out is to have a listen, so stay tuned. [Product Page, Press Release]