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Shure SE115 Low-End Headphone Update Adds More... Low End

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Shure's affordable SE110 headphones may be celebrated, but they decided to improve the design anyway. The SE115 adds bass without crowding out mids and highs, and—apparently by popular demand—comes in four colors.


The SE110 uses something called a balanced armiture driver, easy to shrink down so customers don't stretch your ear canal just because they like their damn music. Trouble was, some people didn't think there was enough bass there. When the guys went to build the SE115, the technology was finally available to shrink down the more traditional—and bass happy—dynamic driver. This is what the old E2 model had, but those were big and for some reason couldn't use the same foam ear padding; the new dynamic driver, using neodymium magnets, a fancy new voice-coil winding system and a new diaphragm material, could be fit inside earbuds that look just like the SE110, and be given the same comfortable padding.

Audiophiles will still want to go up the ladder. Shure says that the armiture-equipped SE210 will still have a more balanced "flat" frequency response, while the SE115 will be admittedly more "fun." Perhaps to emphasize this, in addition to austere black, the buds will come in red, blue and pink. (You know, nothing says "I like to party" like hot pink sound-isolating earphones.)


As a fan of the SE110, I'm surprised to hear that something I thought was nearly perfect is only getting better. I have yet to try them, of course, but I look forward to it, and so should many of you. Shure says the SE115 will go for around $100 on the nose, without a lot of discounting at first. But for people who don't care a whole lot about the extra low-end boost, the SE110 sells for $90 or so now, but will stay on the market for the time being, and could very well start selling for even less. [Shure]

Shure Blends Brilliant Sound and Color with New SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones

LAS VEGAS, NV; SAN FRANCISCO, CA; and NILES, IL, January 6, 2009 – At the Consumer Electronics Show and Macworld Conference and Expo, Shure Incorporated today unveiled the SE115, the newest, most affordable, and most colorful member of the Company's acclaimed family of Sound Isolating™ Earphones. The SE115 arrives in four vivid hues – Blue, Pink, Black, and Red – and at a $99 price point. Already a likely icon for its aesthetics and affordability, this newest earphone, like the Company's other SE models (SE210, SE310, SE420, and SE530), is most remarkable for how it reproduces sound.

During the past five years, Shure has delivered a personal listening experience unlike any other, making the brand synonymous with exceptional sound quality. While many have tried, none have been able to achieve the same combination of reliability, comfort, portability, style, and audio performance without compromising one requisite for another. Now, with the SE115, creative Shure engineers have achieved a new breakthrough and fit a dynamic driver capable of delivering incredibly rich bass into the sleek, compact form factor once only attainable with a smaller driver.

"There's no doubt about it – for decades, Shure has set the standard for superior audio and unparalleled design," said Mark Karnes, Executive Director, Global Marketing, Shure. "Now, as MP3 players, smartphones, portable gaming systems, and laptops break new ground in functionality and style, our engineers have blasted even bigger sound into a smaller and more beautiful package than ever before."

Additional SE115 features include:

• Superior Sound Quality: The Second Generation Dynamic MicroSpeaker delivers detailed, warm sound with enhanced bass.
• Color and Style: Blue, Pink, Black, and Red create a personal fashion statement for any user.
• Isolation from Background Noise: Unique Sound Isolating technology prevents outside noise from interfering with the user's listening experience.
• Superior Comfort and Flexibility: The included Shure fit kit provides interchangeable earphone fit and cable options that deliver unmatched personal customization.

Pricing and Availability

At a $99.99 retail [$119.99 MSRP], the SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones will be available to consumers in spring 2009 and will carry a two-year limited warranty. The SE115 and all Shure Sound Isolating Earphones and inline accessories can be purchased online at, as well as at select retail partners. Check for a complete list of Authorized Dealers.