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The Sick Trailer Makes the Early Pandemic Even Scarier

Blumhouse's newest horror flick adds a serial killer to stalk people trying to quarantine from the coronavirus.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A killer, bathed in a car's headlights, stalks a young woman.
Screenshot: Peacock

Feel like reliving those oh-so-memorable days of spring 2020, when we all thought the world was potentially about to end, The Stand-style? No? Then maybe you ought to give Sick a miss, a new film from the horror factory Blumhouse, although it might be a shame—this first trailer makes it look like a hell of a horror film.

Of course, if you’re not ready for such a film, I don’t begrudge it of you to the tiniest degree. there’s something haunting about watching people disinfect food. But then there’s arguably something a little freeing about no longer needing to worry about disinfecting food since you’re being stalked by a serial killer. Hell, just watch:

Sick | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Our own Germain Lussier saw the film last September at Fantastic Fest, saying,At under 90 minutes, Sick wastes no time putting Parker and Miri in wildly tense situations. Hyams isn’t shy about showing the bad guys in the frame, just out of sight of the girls, building anticipation with each and every shot. And once things reach a boiling point, what was mostly a slasher thriller turns into a chase movie, which adds even more possibilities for innovative scares.


Sick doesn’t reinvent the horror genre like [writer Kevin] Williamson once did with Scream, but it uses some of the best parts of that movie—like the way the killer could toy with the victims and audience—and relocates them to a place and time we can all relate to. Plus, there are a few reveals that give the movie some actual resonance along with the scares and tension. It’s fun and very well done... if you are ready to treat covid-19 with some humor, which maybe not everyone is.”

Sick premieres on Peacock on Friday, January 13.

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