Seamlessly Share Photos and Videos While Talking on the Phone

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Multitasking while talking on a smartphone is clunky, if not limited. But comes in to supplement a regular phone call with pictures, videos, and other data so the person on the other end can see what you're up to.

What does it do?

Sidecar is a calling app that lets you pass along things like location, photos, and contacts with the person you're talking to. And if you're on a wi-fi network, calls are free.


Why do we like it?

Even though you're probably texting and emailing a lot more than you're actually picking up the phone, this app totally enhances your voice calls. And it's more dynamic than a video chat on your smartphone, because you can share a lot more information at one time. You can share real-time videos, photos, look at an interactive map to see where your friend is, and really get a handle on what's going on where they are. [Time]

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Share photos and video over a call

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