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The promised update for Sidekick LX is going to start rolling out over the air come June 25, adding video capture, video sharing, IM enhancements and various other upgrades. You might not get updated until a few days after June 25, however. Hit the jump for the full listing courtesy of Boy Genius. [Boy Genius Report via HipTop 3]


* Capture videos using the new video mode

* Playback from the SD card or email attachments using the media player

* Share videos via email, Picture messaging, and Bluetooth

* Listen to songs or videos using a stereo Bluetooth device

* Send and receive photos, videos, or music via Bluetooth

* 3 IM clients & enhancements to AIM® and Yahoo!® Messenger

* Create and join group chats

* See who is logged into IM from the address book or email and instantly start a conversation

* Set a custom status message then keep chatting

* Search for friends in a buddy list

* Got more buddies than you can keep track of? See who's online right from the address book or email, and search for friends in your buddy lists

* Select how Web pages are displayed based on preference

* PC-like, full-size layout to pan & scan while reading o Standard Sidekick screen-size layout to simply scroll down the page to read · Mini Page to zoom out on an overview of an entire Web page

* Save images from Web pages to the SD card Personalize the way you want to surf

* Device does not restart after a download. Just install an item, and it's ready to use

* Capture videos and share them directly from the Camera app

* Video integration for playback, send, and save to gallery

* QuickFind: search for keywords across applications to find messages or information

* Spell Checker


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