Sideshow's Green Lantern Figure Is The Shiniest Superhero Toy Ever

Sideshow Collectible's latest 1:6 gives us a whole new Hal Jordan to gawp at... but maybe perhaps that's because he's got to be the first Green Lantern figure in a while to show up in sparkly spandex.

The 30cm figure comes with a host of accessories, including the trusty Lantern power battery, several posed hands, interchangeable sets of feet (although I honestly can't see why - one for flying poses, one for standing?) and a pretty nifty power construct made into a giant fist. Pretty neat! But then there's also the shiny costume which wow, does not translate all that well onto a figure. Outside of Ryan Reynold's actually-glowing CGI suit in the movie, has the Green Lantern outfit ever sparkled like this before?


Spandex on poseable figures is hard enough - instead of painting it on, having it as an actual physical suit of spandex means it's hard to pose the figure without leaving unsightly creases everywhere, which, for the most part Green Lantern avoids... but why are the green elements of the suit so damn sparkly? It looks like a 90's glitter throwback than the usual Green Lantern suit, and makes what is an otherwise pretty wonderful looking figure look cheap.

Sheesh, maybe the 'Green Lantern's light' from the oath refers to the reflection coming off Hal's sparkly booties. Speaking of lights though, it's kind of unfortunate that (without the magic of photoshop on some of the promo pictures) there's no element of the figure that lights up. I mean, the ring would've been a cool effect, but not even the lantern? For shame, sideshow.


If you're still tempted by Hal Jordan, the figure will go live for preorders tomorrow over on Sideshow's website for $220.

[via Toyark]

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