Siemens discControl Stove Top System Is Ingeniously Childproof

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Siemens discControl knobs are perfect for the iPod generation in that they're completely touch based sliders, as the product's name suggests. But beyond that they hide a very cool, very safe little feature for households with small children.

The childproofing is really pretty simple: When you're done cooking, or when the stove top is not in use, simply remove the magnetic discs from their holders and the unit is effectively impossible to turn on. Presto change-o, no toddlers running around your kitchen screaming to child services that they have third degree burns on their hands and arms.

And as the picture implies this is an induction unit that's the perfect fit for your eclectic collection of cut in half skillets and other cookware. [Press Release via Born RIch]


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I actually heard that the best way to teach a kid the meaning of hot is to actually hold their hand firmly over/near something hot (not touching so they don't really get burnt, but close enough that they feel the heat) for awhile while saying "HOT!" From what I understand they figure out quick what "Hot" means and that you aren't kidding when you say "Don't TOUCH! It will hurt you! Ouch!"