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Photokina 2006 starts today, and as anticipated, the Sigma SD14 was officially announced, the DSLR with a 14.1-megapixel Foveon x3 inside. Foveon is a tricked-out sensor with a unique way of separating the three primary colors, bringing with it lots more resolution and color clarity.


Along for the ride are a 2.5-inch LCD viewscreen, five-point autofocusing and it can snap out three frames per second in its high-speed continuous shooting mode. Sigma didn't announce pricing on the SD14, but speculation has it running around $1000 for the body only.

Should give the comparably-priced Nikon D80 and the Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi a run for their money. Come to think of it, up against the Foveon sensor, the old-skool chips inside those other cameras just look like old news.

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