Sigma Says "Me Too" With Its Own Micro Four Thirds Fighter

Christ, this is getting complicated. Mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses that promise near-DSLR quality without DSLR bulk are verifiably exploding. After the now-established Micro Four Thirds format from Panasonic and Olympus, Samsung jumped in with its Hybrid NX camera. Yesterday, Sony revealed its own spin, the Alpha concept.

And now, there's Sigma, known for its prickly but highly capable compacts powered by its oversized Foveon image sensors, is going to make their own system with Foveon. More interesting, maybe, is that they're thinking about making lenses for the other guys too. Oh well, who really wants simplicity? [DP Review]

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Why would it be "near" DSLR quality? I thought the lenses were just as good at the big-boys but the bodies were smaller due to the lack of mirror contraption?

Everything I have heard says the micro-4/3 format is excellent. Is Sigma not producing quality glass for their cameras?