Silicone Finger Guards Help Imaginations Turn Sticks Into Swords

Naama Agassi’s Branch Holders—a clever way to turn sticks into imaginary swords—first hit the internet back in 2011. They were a wonderful way to encourage kids to use their imaginations, the only problem was they weren’t available for sale—but now they are.


Monkey Business has stepped up and worked with Agassi to bring his fun creation to life so that anyone with $11 and a decent imagination can turn a branch from a tree into a katana, a saber, or even a dagger.

Made from flexible silicone that just slides onto the end of a stick, the Nature Sabre-sword creator is available in red, blue, and gray and should easily survive the most dramatic of sword fights. And besides giving imaginations a boost, it should also actually protect a child’s knuckles if an opponent does get the better of them. [Monkey Business]

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