Silver Circuit Goo For Thinner Gadgets

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The NYTimes has a post on Vertical Circuits, a company that has developed a 3d circuit stacking technology using a silver based epoxy—goo, basically—to closer fuse flash memory chips together.

The goo surpasses other 3d circuit technologies based on wires or solid material because it saves even more space. In that case, we're talking about 1.6mm of height, but that's enough to fit in a bigger screen or battery in something as thin as an mp3 player or slim phone.

The piece is pegged to ex CEO of Seagate Bill Watkins' arrival there. [NYT]

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It's funny seeing this on Gizmodo as I know rather a lot about this subject. My Ph.D. was in 3D chip stacking (I worked as part of a group in Europe that developed one of the rival technologies to Vertical Circuits). Then I spent 5 years working here in California for one of the originators of 3D chip stacking. That included running a DARPA program developing a new, advanced stacking technology.

Anyway, Vertical Circuits have been doing this for a long time. This approach works, but it has some pretty major limitations. Ultimately it'll lose out to far-superior through silicon via stacking technologies.