I loathe following celebrities on Twitter, but I make an exception with British actor Simon Pegg. He's classy, funny and knows how to use Twitter correctly—something you only have to look at Courtney Love's Twitter feed to appreciate. Pegg wrote for the New Statesman that he grabbed his Twitter handle early to avoid cybersquatters, but admitted he "resisted Twitter for a long time, initially because I didn't understand it," before becoming entranced in the marketing power it could give him for the launch of his latest film, Paul.

His column is a smart read on the ins and outs of celebrity on Twitter, and I urge tweeters and non-tweeters to give it a read—if only for how he says he's "cheated [his] way to the bizarre luxury of having the equivalent of a small city's population in [his] pocket." [New Statesman]


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