Brilliant Dual-Nozzle Faucet Doubles As a Drinking Fountain

When your kitchen lacks a dishwasher you'll do anything imaginable to cut down on dirtying dishes—including drinking directly from the faucet. But instead of having to lean over and use your hand as a cup, Alice Spieser has designed a simple dual-nozzled faucet that easily becomes a drinking fountain with some strategic finger placement.

To ensure it's cheap and accessible (why should only the rich be able to drink from their faucets?), Alice actually made her Down Up tap using a 3D printer. The only moving parts are found in the disk that controls the amount and temperature, otherwise it's left to gravity to ensure the water simply flows into a basin until a finger blocks its path, turning it into a fountain.


And even if you're not into the idea of drinking from a faucet, if installed in a bathroom the Down Up tap also seems like a clever and easy way to rinse your mouth out after brushing your teeth, without having to keep a drinking glass in the room where, you know, you do that other stuff. [Vimeo via Dezeen]

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That looks clean, sanitary and not messy at all.