Simple Now Lets iPhone Users Save More Money With Goals

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While nearly everything is moving over to a mobile experience, banking remains one of the last vestiges of the old world. But even that is slowly changing with the likes of Simple, a bank-less mobile service that mashes up the best bits of your existing bank and services like Mint. One of Simple's greatest features, though is Goals, which, as you might imagine, helps you save money for specific set goals. And starting today, Goals will be available for iPhone users.


Goals on mobile is the most requested feature, the company tells me. This isn't a skimped down version of the web experience either. Every bit and byte has been ported over to the mobile app, so you can set and adjust Goals from your phone.

Existing Simple users will grasp the concept of Goals pretty seamlessly but for the uninitiated Goals is basically a digital version of stashing cash in the fridge or in envelopes for specific things you want. Couple that with "Safe-to-Spend" and you'll always have an accurate and up to date dollar figure of what you can actually spend that hasn't already been allocated towards bills or Goals.

An update to the Android app is in the works, says the company.

[App Store via Simple]



Has anyone actually fully switched to Simple and can describe the process?

I would love to get out of the Chase system, but I'm not sure I trust such a new business with my money.