SIMSense Motion Detecting SIM Card: Drunk Dial Even When You Pass Out

Oberthur Technologies has come up with yet another interesting application of accelerometer technology. Their new SIMSense card is the first motion-sensing SIM card on the planet.

Why the hell would you need a motion-sensing SIM card you ask? Well first off, it could give any run-of-the-mill handset the capability to navigate menus, send calls or SMS messages with a simple shake or tap. It could even allow users to pre-program an emergency contact into the phone that could be called or sent a text message on a trigger of rapid movement—like a fall. So you are covered should you fall and break a hip or pass out in a bar.

The card was just introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so there is no word on when we might see something like this available commercially. But my guess it will come sooner rater than later. [PR Newswire via Uberphones]


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