Singapore Cyber Shot Is All Class

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This good-looking Sony Cyber-shot DSC-M2 lets you take VHS quality video both before and after you snap a still image. Called a "hybrid imaging device," the M2 basically lets you buffer your photo with 5 seconds before it was taken and 3 seconds after. Kinda neat. It also includes a Pocket Album function, which converts captured images to VGA size and stores up to 1,100 images in the camera s built-in memory—letting you create a picture album that can be sorted by day and month. The design is a kind of twist-and-turn that allows the LCD panel rotate 270 degrees (so you can take a picture of yourself, stupid). About the size of a small clamshell phone, the M2 weighs in at 210 grams and costs S$899 (that's Singapore dollars).

New Sony Cyber-shot Captures Stills and Videos with Style [hardwarezone]


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