Sirius Video Coming in 2007 sez Karmazin

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Sirius' ever-so-savvy CEO, Mel Karmazin, told Reuters that Sirius video will finally be available in late-2007 on 2008 model vehicles. The video service, which has been delayed since early 2004, will be primarily geared towards children in the car. It will also carry additional fees associated with it, but no word on how much exactly. Neat, I guess. Hopefully your children will still be children by the time this is released.

Sirius is hoping to have a vehicle up and running with the service at CES, and if they accomplish this feat you know I will be all over that like a fat kid on cake.

Sirius CEO sees live TV in cars in 2007 [Via Orbitcast]

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Interesting vaporwe, um, concept. Considering satellite radio bandwidth (less than 100kbps, even with digital compression) is barely broad enough to pipe just audio at acceptable levels, how will they possibly broadcast video at any level of respectability?