Sirius XM Dual Receiver Still 15 Years Away

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Now that Sirius and XM are merged, it makes sense that we'll get a dual tuner that picks up both flavors of satellite radio, right? WRONG. CEO Mel Karmazin, aka the dude who paid Howard Stern a retarded amount of money, said today that the merger didn't magically fuse together satellite capabilities. Says Automotive News:

Merging XM and Sirius technology and installing it in new vehicles could take as long as 15 years because of the new chips required and automakers' lead time.

Fifteen years—when your car will look like this. Karmazin said other stuff about the subscription business(es), most of it was equally depressing. (No chance of it spreading to Europe and Asia, for instance.) How long do you give satellite radio? I say dead in two years. [Automotive News (subscription required)]

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That's why their stock is at 38 cents.

If they can make a Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player why can't they do this. 15 years is just stupid, and a sign of a badly run company. It would be smarter to just pick one of the technologies and convert all the programming to it.

I was going to buy some of their stock after they did their reverse split because I had faith that satellite radio would be around for a while, but now I'm not so sure. Thanks Giz for keeping me from making a huge mistake.