Six Ways the PSP Could Make the PS3 Infinitely Better

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We're all a bit bored by the PSP at this point, and the PS3 has failed to impress us much lately as well. But with a few minor tweaks, we'd be blown away by both.

Sony just asked its customers what they want in the next PSP. Well here's what we want in our next PSP, and most of it's doable through software alone.


Get Remote Play Working, Standard
Remote Play promised to allow gamers to play PS3 games through the internet on their PSPs. Brilliant! And it was actually implemented in a game PS3 called Lair...and then basically nothing else. You can find Remote Play in a handful of downloadable PS3 titles, but it's far from a standard offering, and basically doesn't exist in the world of AAA releases. But just think—Remote Play would lessen the PSP's need for original titles—something Sony hasn't been able to secure as of late—and promote loyalty to the PS3 since its games would be playable from anywhere.


Make the PSP the Ultimate Blu-ray Remote
If there's one thing you can't fault the PS3 for, it's the machine's excellent Blu-ray playback. So why not make the PSP the unequivocal best Blu-ray remote ever? Not only could you use the PSP for basic functions, but a little programming savvy could stream entire BD features to your hands. Imagine the use of a Wi-Fi enabled second screen from the PSP with streaming audio support. You could watch a movie with a friend and decide that just you would turn on the audio commentary for a scene (through headphones), while viewing some extra production stills (on your secondary display). Hey, we'd settle for a submenu on the PSP's screen, even.

Give Us a PSOne-to-PSP Ripping Tool
Offer us a tool to rip PSOne games on the PS3 in order to be transferred to the PSP. They can wrap them in DRM and charge us $5 each time we rip a game, and we'd still do it. While we'd say the same for PS2 titles, we realize that PSP processors probably couldn't handle the software emulation load. PSOne games, though? Definitely.


Display Hints and Walkthroughs That Sync with PS3
Easy money for Sony—license out the option to make PS3 walkthroughs for the PSP. The strategy guide company does all the work, creating the text file (already on hand from their publications) and some basic syncing cues from, I dunno, saved game files or scripts. We're sure if enough money was exchanged between all involved parties, something could be figured out that's not so resource intensive that it isn't worth their while.

Our Only Hardware Revision: Add a Second Analog Stick Already
Look Sony, you were wrong, just give in. Screw backwards compatibility and add the second analog stick to make the PSP essentially interchangeable with the Dual Shock 3/SIXAXIS. Just as that second analog stick has held back PSP developers, it's also limited Remote Play functionality and the option to use the PSP as a premium controller. The hardware is holding back the software, but not in a "we just need stronger processors" way. It's a simple fix. PSP loyalists might complain, but trust us, they're complaining more that their controls are gimped. (Oh, and Bluetooth would be a runner up for greater connectivity options.)


Do All of the Above, Then Sell a PS3/PSP Bundle
The PS3 has already lost the game machine war. But it's still a contender as a premium home theater machine. Offer users a deal in which they can pick up a PS3 along with a PSP. Upsell the PSP as a remote, a second screen, and a media streamer (as opposed to a bulky PMP with a crappy game catalog).