Amazing six-year-old kid roller skates under 39 SUVs

Watch this six-year-old roller skater limbo under 39 SUVs—a clearance of about seven inches. Gagan Satish, from India, coasted the 230-foot distance in just 29.8 seconds. The flexible kid has been rollerskating for about three years and practises regularly when he is not at school.

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This is the problem with India... instead of the government or someone recognizing his potential, investing in him and training him to be an Olympic figure or speed skater, his goal is to skate under a 100 f%$#ing cars. A few years back, there was another Indian mutant kid who could run 50 miles at the age of 5 but instead of trying to make into a marathon runner, they just literally let him run around... he probably ran to China by now where he may have a future. It's embarrassing how we can't ever win shit.