It's a great time to be a Ghostbusters fan as the film's 30th anniversary has triggered a renaissance in collectibles and other memorabilia connected to the movie. For example, if the thought of posing sculpted gnomes in your garden seems tacky, why not opt for this statue of the dog-like Keymaster monster that possesses Louis (Rick Moranis) instead?


Created by Etsy-seller SorciasLair, at just six-inches tall the sculpture is far from life-size. But that means it also weighs just five pounds so shipping costs aren't going to break the bank. The $300 hand-sculped and hand-painted creation has also been weather-proofed with a polyurethane clear coat so you can leave it outside all year long to protect Gozer The Destructor's gateway, or your begonias. [Etsy via The Green Head]

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