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Is that eBay-purchased Chanel bag gamey because it served as a cat bed? Does that DVF wrap dress scored on Craigslist have bad juju from the woman who wore it to steal her best friend's husband?

Call me weird but these questions haunt me when I buy clothes from potentially creepy online auctioneers. So I'm excited about Poshmark, a mobile app launched on Wednesday that makes online auctions personal. You shop with your friends (or at least acquaintances), and you can do it whenever you want or during themed shopping parties that you or a friend organizes. And unlike a clothing swap or trunk show, you can attend this shopping event from your comfy bed—no make-up required.


Here's how it works: you open the app, then take a photo of something that's been languishing in your overstuffed closet. Then you pick a filter (kinda like Instagram) to make it look compelling. Then you describe it and list it for whatever price you want. You can also list the brand and the original price you paid. You can be in the pic or not. When someone buys your item, Poshmark takes care of the credit card transaction and shipping in exchange for a 20 percent fee.

And if you're just loving this whole thing, you can throw your own Poshmark party and invite all your fashiony friends. Stay tuned for my maxi dress/skirt-themed event! I'm not sure how I ended up with 37 sister-wife styles, but I'm hoping there's a Poshmark market for them.


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