Skype Lets You Send Doodles Now (If You're on Windows Phone)

Illustration for article titled Skype Lets You Send Doodles Now (If You're on Windows Phone)

Skype's latest update includes a new drawing feature, so you can send your friends doodles while you video chat them. The feature is debuting on Windows Phone, and Skype hasn't announced any plans to bring it to iOS and Android.


Last week, Skype launched Skype Qik, a video messaging app that took a cue from Snapchat and made the videos disappear after a set amount of time. Adding a drawing feature is another obvious nod to Snapchat, which has allowed people to draw fake mustaches over their photos for some time.

The Skype update also includes a faster app resume time, which is good, since one of the biggest problems with Skype for mobile is lag.

Skype is owned by Microsoft, which might explain this new Windows Phone-first policy...but it's still a strange choice, seeing how little of the mobile market Windows Phone holds. Skype should be offering more features like this to as many people as it can, not limiting who gets a feature they should've had a while ago to a select audience. I've emailed Skype to ask when they plan a wider rollout. [The Verge]



It's interesting to note how different some people seem to be about the whole Skype and Microsoft thing, when it comes to features Skype rolls out. Half of the people seem to say "Skype is owned by Microsoft, so they should put their new features on Windows Phone first", and then the other half complains that there aren't enough people using Windows Phone and they should've released it on iOS/Android first.