Skype Is Giving Away Free Wi-Fi in Airports for the Holidays

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Skype's got a gift for all of you holiday travelers. From December 21st through December 27th Skype will be offering free wireless internet in more than 60 airports through Skype Wi-Fi. So when you inevitably miss your connection, you'll at least have something to do.


The promotion will allow you to connect to third-party airport Wi-Fi services through Skype Wi-Fi, meaning all you'll need is a Skype account (and not a different sign-in for every different airport wireless provider).

So where are you going to get free Wi-Fi? The promotion covers many of the country's busiest airports including ATL, DEN, JFK, IAH, SFO. Stuck in legendary hellholes like LAX or DFW, or laid over and broke in Vegas? You're out of luck. For a complete listing of the covered airports check Skype's announcement. [Skype via SiliconFilter]

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why wouldn't you put this in LAX or O'Hare?? Of all the places to be stuck during the holidays and NOT have wifi...and to be the two airports I'm flying into and out of this holiday season.