Skype Mac Video Group Chat Now a Ripoff at $5 Per Day

The best part of the recent Skype beta was its battle royale video chatting. But the beta label is gone—and now the (free) fun is too. Group chat will now cost $4.99 per day, or $8.99 a month.


This sucks, and seems like a terrific way to discourage use of what was hitherto one of the program's coolest features. The new version includes UI updates and other tweaks, but still—boo. Boo, we say. [Skype via SlashGear]



Good on ya Skype. With software like Teamspeak already making better software in its beta form on the Mac than your dodgy shit, and Google picking up both the user to user video chat AND an online number, you're going to be unzipping a lot of services' pants. Granted, Teamspeak is not video, but for people making a podcast, it's, in my opinion, a superior option for straight group voice chat.

For the most basic group chatting, Tinychat is better. Word of warning to you folks that use Google Voice, the plugin might fuck with how your browser interacts with Tinychat video.