Skype 5.0 Windows Beta Has 10-Way Video Calling!

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Skype's latest Windows-only 5.0 beta 2 doubles their five-way video calling to ten. TEN. How does ten-way video calling look? Like this. If you add two. We could only get eight, and four of them was me.


While the eight-way video call was going, everything looked and sounded fine. I had to mute all four of my mics or else it would have been an insane amount of feedback, so I couldn't talk. But, as expected of a beta, many of us started crashing, and crashing in unison. People stared dropping in and out, and generally being less stable than a drunk monkey on a unicycle. There were times when three of my computers crashed at the same time.

In any case, ten-way video calling! This is the way we're holding meetings now. [Skype via Mashable]

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