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Skype's Updated App Lets You Make Facebook-to-Facebook Video Calls

Skype's been powering Facebook's video chat feature since July, but its new apps for Windows and OS X now let you use the Skype client to directly make video calls to your Facebook friends.


The new interface is really simple. You just link your Skype and Facebook accounts, and your Skype friends list is automatically updated with all of your Facebook friends. You'll also be able to share screens with your chat partners, which will come in handy when your mom demands you Skype with her because she forgot how to bookmark the new episode of Dancing with the Stars.


This isn't exactly offering anything you couldn't have managed otherwise, but the continued intermingling of the two super widely-used platforms should make it a lot easier to connect for an awkward video chat. [The Next Web via Verge]

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After a successful Skype date they setup a face to face meeting.