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Slack Goes Wonky, Gives Millions the Day Off

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Did you get my message? Did you get my message?
Did you get my message? Did you get my message?
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If you woke up Friday morning, logged into Slack, only to find it a hellhole of bugs—it’s not just you. Users all over the world have been reporting outages, repeating messages, and errors with the popular workplace communication tool.

According to Slack’s System Status page, what we’re all experiencing is “degraded service affecting multiple features.” That includes notifications, calls, connections, search, messaging, integrated apps, APIs, link previews, posting, and workplace/organization administration. Ouch. As of 10:03 am EDT, Slack said in an update that it was an “all-hands on deck” situation.


The errors don’t seem limited to platform either. A colleague messaged me this morning to ask if I could see anything he was sending as he was receiving errors in Chrome. I tried to respond with a gif from the /giphy integration from the mobile app, only to get a message saying that feature was borked. Meanwhile, on the desktop app, I’ve been a guilty offender of sending duplicate messages because Slack keeps telling me it hasn’t sent them.

A look at Down Detector indicates outage reports are concentrated in the eastern United States (wake up West coast!), Europe, and Japan. A peep into Slack’s official Twitter shows the complaints keep rolling in—though at least Slack seems to be maintaining a sense of humor about its services imploding.


While it would be nice if on this crisp, glorious Friday morning we could all just... disappear into a three-day weekend, the fact is there are still more ancient methods of communicating with your coworkers. Like email. Remember email? But on the off chance your boss decides to let you have the day off, run fast and free into the summer sun.