Slacker Premium Radio Costs $10 a Month For On-Demand Music-Streaming

Illustration for article titled Slacker Premium Radio Costs $10 a Month For On-Demand Music-Streaming

If you're willing to cough up $10 a month, you'll find yourself with 8 million songs at your disposal on Slacker's new Premium Radio service, which we previewed the other month.


It joins the entirely-free Slacker Basic Radio, which doesn't let you choose songs on-demand, and Slacker Radio Plus, which costs $4 a month and strips all the ads from your streaming. The latter will also let you skip as many songs as you wish, which you can't argue is a good deal.

But back to the new Premium Radio service. It'll let you search for and play specific songs from Slacker's 8 million catalog, as well as create playlists and even stream playlists, albums and stations offline using the new iPad app, as well as on the iPhone/iPod Touch, Android and BlackBerry apps. And yep, there aren't any ads on the $10 service either. [Slacker via UberGizmo]



I've used both Slacker and Pandora before, and I prefer Pandora a lot more. The service is more consistant, the (iPhone) app is much better laid out, and Pandora's ads (in the free version) are so short, I haven't even considered having to pay for it.