Slay Your Next Job Interview With a Legend of Zelda or Thundercats Tie Clip Sword

The same people behind those wonderful blank keys shaped like tiny swords are back with a new product for anyone who has to dress up for work, but still yearns to express their inner geek. Sword Clips are exactly what they sound like: Tie clips shaped like tiny swords that keep your tie in check and keep you perpetually prepped for unexpected battles.


The creators of the Sword Clips, initially available in five different designs, specify that the blades are only inspired by some of pop culture’s most famous weapons. In other words, for legal reasons they can’t outright say they’ve turned Link’s Master Sword into a tie clip, or have shrunk Lion-O’s Sword of Omens into a fashion accessory. But there’s little doubt as to which original designs these are all based on.

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The creators of the Sword Clips have turned to Kickstarter to help realize their latest creation, and a pledge of just $15 will serve as your pre-order for any one of the five designs, as well as your choice of three different finishes. As with any crowdfunded product there are always risks involved with pledging, but in this case the Sword Clips aren’t the first product this team is trying to bring to market, and the Kickstarter campaign for these has already blown past its modest ~$7,000 funding goal. But if you’d still rather hold off until these are actually shipping, you can still buy their previously Kickstarted product, the Key Armory, on their website so you can fill your pockets with tiny blades instead.

[Kickstarter - Sword Clips]



It’s a sword tie-clip, which means it’s a tie-clip in the shape of a sword, not the other way around.